Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Our Valentine's Weekend

I just realized I never wrote a post on our weekend.  Saturday I had lunch with a couple girls I’ve known since junior high.  We lost touch for awhile, but recently reconnected.  Both are teachers and I love hearing their stories.  These girls are the types of friends you can go awhile without seeing and then just pick up where you left off.  There’s no drama, no strong personalities, just sweet friends and good conversation.  I hope we’ll get together more often – it was just what I needed. J

After that, the boys, A, and I all headed to the grocery store and then picked up Chinese for dinner.  I think we unintentionally have Chinese food every Valentine’s Day.  We finished off the night with a fire in the fireplace and an episode of New Girl.  A perfect day!

Sunday morning, I received flowers, truffles, and gourmet taffy apples from A.  My favorite favorite things and I couldn’t have asked for a better Valentine’s gift.  I gave A a framed picture of himself with the boys, a giant bag of gummy bears, and a McDonald’s gift card (his favorites).

We ended up being late for church – I think both boys were up in the night and it was just a hectic morning.  Once we got to church, we couldn’t sit with my mom because there wasn’t enough space near her.  This really annoys me by the way – we’re at church every single week and always sit next to my mom.  I feel like people should know that… and I think most do… grr.  So we sat a couple rows behind my mom and I knew W was disappointed.  I lifted him behind our pew (we were in the last row) and told him to walk around to where my mom was.  He wouldn’t and kept saying he wanted me to come with him.  I was sandwiched between two groups of people so that wasn’t happening.  One of the ladies we see every week was in front of me and volunteered to hand W over to my mom.  So we were essentially passing a 3 year old over church pews. J  It was funny and another reason why I love my church and the people we see every week (aside from the people who sat next to my mom… just kidding… I know there isn’t reserved seating at church, but still.).  From there, it was off to Starbucks.

The rest of the day was spent inside watching the snow fall.  It was low key and peaceful.  A perfect weekend!!

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