Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Baby S is 2 Months Old

S turned 2 months on Easter Sunday. He weighs 15lbs, 7.5oz.  Holy. Moly.  In keeping with tradition, his 2 month post...

Dear S,
Happy 2 months, big guy!
This month you started smiling lots more and "talking".  When you smile, your entire face lights up... So cute!  You've begun to follow objects and voices and you seem to enjoy swatting at the hippos on your activity mat.  You sleep anywhere from 5-7 hours at night, have a bottle, and then sleep another 3 hours.  Thank you for this!  You've now waking in a completely different position than where you started, turning yourself throughout the night.  You're in 3-6 mo clothing and size 2 diapers.
We've spent lots of time outside this past month and even visited daddy at work.  You went to the children's museum, had a play date with your cousins, and we've been on several lunch dates.  We celebrated St. Pat's day and Easter.  Mom also returned to work part time.
You're still a very content baby for the most part, but when you're hungry, we have about 5 seconds to find you a bottle or you make your displeasure known.  You still love baths and love to be held.  You also like to be talked to.  You're an incredibly sweet guy and give out lots of smiles. :)  Your brother continues to adore you, always concerned about Baby S.

Happy 2 months! You are our everything and more!!

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