Thursday, April 16, 2015

Work / Life

Since returning to work and getting to experience what I thought would be the ideal work schedule, things have been… ideal… for the most part.  I love working part time and getting to spend non work days with the boys.  It’s the perfect balance that I thought it would be and I wish I could continue to work part time.  Sure there have been challenges.  Even though I’m only working two days per week right now, my work load hasn’t really changed.  So I’m essentially trying to cram five days into two.  That’s been tough and I’ve had to prioritize tasks and decline meetings.  Last Thursday I had five meetings.  Five.  Talk about a crazy day!  But even though work days are extremely busy and jam packed, I enjoy them.  I like being busy.  The days fly by.  And when the work day is done, I look forward to getting home and seeing my boys.  And did I mention my company now offers free massages as it encourages “employee health and wellness”?  What?!?  You better believe I signed up for one.  I’m pretty excited.

In terms of time management, the days are challenging and I’m still trying to figure out how to make the most of my time with the boys and still get to bed at a decent hour.  It doesn’t help that W has given up naps for the most part.  I prepare bottles, wash pump parts, make my lunch, decide on clothes, and anything else I can do ahead of time on the day prior to work.  The days I work, I usually don’t arrive home until 5:30 (or later).  We often order food these nights or grill out – something quick because there just isn’t any time to prepare a meal.  And I certainly have not mastered frozen meals.  Maybe someday…  Work mornings are also tough because obviously there’s a baby to care for now.  Although he’s pretty easy, he needs to be fed and I need to pump, which adds about 40ish minutes to my morning routine.  Somehow we’re managing and I usually arrive to work at a decent time… except for today.  A major accident closed the highway I was on.  Ugh.

When I returned to work after having W, W was sleeping through the night.  I now have 2 who don’t sleep through the night.  That can make for a long day.  I’m tired.  But I remind myself that this is temporary.  A also helps tremendously during the night – he walks W back to bed when he wakes in the night and he often feeds S while I pump.  We just had our first night in which both boys slept through the night… maybe there’s hope?

So all this to say I’m really happy.  Tired, but happy.  I love the work/life balance I currently have.  I’m happy I decided to return to work part time and grateful that my company allowed me to do so.  It will be tough when I have to resume working full time.  I’ll miss the boys like crazy.  So I’m going to enjoy this temporary arrangement while it lasts. J

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