Wednesday, January 6, 2016

S is 11 Months Old!

Dear S,
Happy 11 months!! We’re heading into your last month as a baby. Just thinking about that makes me cry.
This was a really tough month because you had some semblance of a cold That’s right. Since mid-November, you’ve had cold after cold after cold. 4 to be exact. On the bright side, you typically have 2 bad days and then it’s just a bit of a drippy nose and lingering cough. We haven’t had to visit the doctor yet (knock on all things). You’ve also been teething. Despite that misery, you’ve been your happy self throughout the day. You’ve had quite a few sleepless nights due to coughing and/or teething, but seem to be getting back on track.

You still have 4 teeth (2 top, 2 bottom), but it appears several are in the works.
We celebrated your first Christmas and had three different celebrations. You were not interested in present opening, but did enjoy your new toys and provided lots of smiles per usual. You got to meet extended family members and eat delicious food.
I’m very surprised you’re not walking. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. It’s just that I know you could if you wanted to. You seem to know that crawling will get you to your destination faster so you have no time to devote to learning to walk. You do cruise around the furniture, climb up the stairs, and you’ve stood in place without holding onto anything. You also push your shopping cart through the house by holding onto the handle and walking with it.

When you hear “bye bye”, you wave. You raise your hands for “so big”. You love to cuddle. You dance and it’s my favorite “trick” that you do. You say mama and dada. Daddy says you know what the words mean and you say them with purpose – I’m not sure. You can identify several items when asked: mommy, daddy, Will, light, doggy, balloon…
You still love to eat everything. Daddy introduced you to breakfast sausage this month and you’re a big fan. You also love pizza and meat.
Oh, one thing I have to note. You’re an exceptionally good baby. From day one, we’ve been able to take you anywhere and everywhere – you really are a joy. For the first time ever, you got fussy at church and daddy had to take you to the lobby. We go to church every week so this is quite the accomplishment.
You seem to be transitioning to one nap and have been taking one really long nap mid-day. Not sure if this is a fluke or will continue.
You are our everything and more, S. 1 year, here we come… sob.

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