Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekend Recap

Last night, I told A that it seemed like we didn’t have a weekend and I wanted a redo.  He agreed.  We did go out for pizza on Friday night and that was fun.  I arrived first and waited for the guys inside.  I soon spotted them heading toward the door and there was a man walking ahead of them.  At one point, the man turned around, saw the boys, and smiled.  When he came in and saw me, he asked if that was my family.  I said yes and he replied that I had a great looking family.  Aww.  Such a sweet remark.  I know my boys won’t always behave perfectly, but I do hope that others notice the love we have for each other.

Saturday W woke up and complained that his ear hurt.  It seemed odd to me because aside from a runny nose every now and then, he didn’t have any other symptoms.  The boys have been sick with colds off and on since November, but they both seemed to be doing well recently.  Anyway, I gave him a bit of Motrin and he was better.  I went to get my hair cut awhile later and A texted me that W was complaining about his ear again.  I told him to give a little Tylenol.  By this point, the pediatrician was closed for the day.  Fast forward to Saturday night.  We decided to go grocery shopping and I saw 3 different people that I knew – all parents.  Apparently , the grocery store is the place to be on Saturday night.  While there, W was whiny and just unhappy.  He fell asleep in the car on the way home.  I brought him inside where he cried and cried.  I knew he was really tired and there are times where he wakes up crying.  He was so upset, he puked.  I changed him into his pjs and brought him to bed.  No dinner.  He woke at 4 in the morning and I brought him back to bed.

The next morning, he woke up around 7am and said he felt better.  I wasn’t sure we should bring him to the doctor, but A thought it was a good idea.  It seemed better to go on a Sunday when I wouldn’t have to take a day off.  So A and S headed to church while W and I headed to the pediatrician.  Let it be known that I have never been wrong about an ear infection and I was certain this doctor’s visit was going to be a big waste of time.  I texted A saying that W told me his ear didn’t hurt and I hated the thought of exposing him to all the germs at the pediatrician.  I should also mention that W is the only kid I know who loves going to the doctor.  The doctor started with W’s left ear – totally fine.  And then she had a look at the right ear, the one he had complained about.  Sure enough, ear infection.  I was wrong and apologized to W for doubting him. J  I think my guy must have a high tolerance for pain because the doctor said it was significant and W was telling me it didn’t hurt as much anymore.

So a trip to Starbucks and an antibiotic later, all is well.  I spent the rest of the day cleaning and making tacos.  I had hoped to get much more cleaning done and I wanted to finish more decorations for S’s birthday party, but it didn’t happen.  We also learned on Saturday that one of our favorite local restaurants is closing – very sad about that.  Here’s hoping this week is a good one.  Nearing the end of January!!

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