Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Thoughts

I'm on week 2 in the new office building and so far so good.  Some of the perks include a barista making free coffee drinks and food from local restaurants for lunch (for a small fee).  Love!!  The office building itself is nice and spacious.  My seat is sort of right in the middle of everything, which I don't love.  I have a hard time working when everyone around me is talking.  I expect quiet conversations to occur, but if people are speaking loudly right next to me, I just can't concentrate.  It hasn't happened yet and I hope people continue to be respectful.

Speaking of work, my boss asked if I would mind transferring a piece of my workload to another group.  Since I joined the company, I've been responsible for overseeing a software program that the company uses.  I designed it and implemented it.  The problem is that it doesn't really fit into my job description.  That never mattered to me because I knew the software better than anyone and enjoyed overseeing the program.  When my boss asked, I was all, sure go ahead and let someone else be in charge, but if that means I have to spend the next few months training someone, then it's not worth it.  I think my response surprised her.  And I was really ok with giving up that responsibility - it meant that I could focus on learning more for my actual role.  But when I mentioned it to the software  consultant I've been working with for nearly 4 years, it nearly brought her to tears.  She said she felt like a rain cloud was hovering over her.  And now I feel terrible. :(  Maybe I shouldn't be so quick to give up something I'm really good at.

And now for something completely unrelated.  See how my thought process works... I've been hating my hair.  Lately it's been so flat and unhealthy looking.  I mentioned it last weekend when I went in to get my hair cut and my stylist told me it was likely a combination of not taking vitamins, post pregnancy hair, and the fact that my hair was getting long.  She recommended a spray for heat styling and also suggested that the only way I was going to get more volume and body was to cut it.  So that's what I did.  I cut an inch off and I'm considering going a bit shorter next time.  It's already much better.

I've never really disliked winter or cold weather and I like the change in seasons that Chicago brings.  But whew... winter with two stir crazy boys is taking it's toll.  I feel like we're all cranky and in need of fresh air.

My baby turns 1 in 1 week.  How?  How is that possible?

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