Monday, January 4, 2016

Beginning a New Year

Well, the new year hasn’t started off in the greatest way for us.  I’d like to think we’re getting the challenging things out of the way.  S has been battling a nasty cough/cold for a few days now.  His 4th cold since November, which is just ridiculous.  We had plans for the boys over the New Year holiday, but ended up just staying in and trying to make S feel better.  Luckily none of the colds have required a trip to the doctor just yet.  I hate seeing my boys sick.

This is also my second least favorite time of the year – the first being A returning to school after summer break.  At least we have fall and Christmas to look forward to after A’s return.  But once all the Christmas festivities are over, there’s a long stretch of cold winter and no holidays.  Boo.  We do have S’s first birthday in February, but I have very mixed feelings about that.  My baby is growing up. L  We also have a trip planned for spring break, but it just seems SO far off.

As the new year begins, I’m feeling like I need to make some changes in who I spend time with.  I’m hoping to make some new friends and reconnect with a few friends from high school.  I want to surround myself with positive people who make me happy and bring out the best in me.  I feel like I say that every year.  But I’ve been reflecting on a few comments, a few posts I’ve seen, a few events, and it’s time for a change.  I’m not really one for making resolutions, but that’s a goal for the year – more time with people who make me happy and less time with those who do not.

This is a strange time for me.  Every year since 2012, I’ve had plans for major, life changing events – whether it was preparing for a round of IVF or the birth of a child, each year had something big in the works.  And this year, I have absolutely nothing planned in the way of life events.  I’m curious and a little nervous to see what this year holds.

Finally, W has been making me laugh so much lately.  He had a tantrum yesterday and told me he was just being a crabby man.  Lol.  W and I went to church yesterday while A stayed home with S.  Upon seeing that I was wearing a new top, W exclaimed, “Look at you!  You’re wearing fancy clothes!”.  Haha!  My fancy clothes… I do really like this top.

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