Monday, January 11, 2016

Weekend Recap

There wasn’t much exciting about this weekend.  We were insanely busy despite having no real plans.  W asked to go out to lunch on Saturday and I thought, sure, why not.  So after both boys were bathed and S woke from his nap, we headed out.  W does this thing where he tries to lay down anytime we’re out to eat.  I have no idea why and it drives me crazy.  We’re constantly telling him to sit up.  He’s in between needing a booster seat and not.  When we can use the booster, things go a little smoother, but sometimes it makes him way too tall.  So he was doing his laying across a chair thing on Saturday and A told him to sit up.  Upon hearing this, he started full on crying.  I have no idea why.  I took him away from the table so we would disturb the other diners.  After 2 minutes, he was totally fine and proceeded to eat an entire Red Robin burger and all his fries.  I’m guessing he must have been hungry despite eating a good breakfast.

After that, we headed to ATT so I could get a new phone.  Both boys were good despite having to wait.  S wanted to crawl around the store and was mad that we wouldn’t let him.  I’m sure we looked like a circus.  But after having a dud for 3ish weeks, I’m super excited to have a new phone – with insurance this time!!  From there, it was off to the pet store and then home.  S napped again and afterwards we put away the Christmas tree.  It always makes me sad to see the tree come down.  W was an amazing helper.  He was an ornament removing machine -  I couldn’t keep up.  At one point, A and I realized the top section of tree was missing.  We discovered that W had dragged it through the house, down the stairs, proceeded to climb up the step stool and put it in the crawl space.  What?!?  He did the same with the tree skirt.  Kinda made up for his meltdown at the restaurant. ;)

The boys sported Valentine's attire because out with one holiday and on to the next!  They looked so cute!

Saturday night, I didn’t sleep well because I was cold.  I’m always cold so I thought it was just me.  But when I got out of bed Sunday morning, I realized the house was in fact freezing.  I ran downstairs and looked at the thermostat.  It was 55 degrees in our house.  55!!  I immediately knew what happened.  I ran down stairs to the basement and checked the furnace.  As I suspected, the switch was off.  As soon as W woke, our conversation went like this:

Me: W, did you turn off the furnace?
W:  I did do that.
Me: W, you can’t turn off the furnace.  Our house is so cold now.
W: I sorry for doing that, mommy.

Of course it was the coldest day of the winter so far.

We finally thawed out and headed to church and Starbucks.  Afterwards, we headed home so S could nap.  Little man took a 2.5 hour nap and A helped me clean out the refrigerator.  Exciting things happen when the baby naps.  Ha.  I then went grocery shopping and made one of my favorites – salsa verde enchiladas for dinner.

In other news, I'm completely overwhelmed planning S's first birthday party.  I want it to be as great as W's first birthday party, but I'm so short on time. :\

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