Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Father's Day Weekend

Holy moly do I have a lot to catch up on.  A and I are back from Europe and we had an amazing trip.  I’ll recap eventually, but I haven’t talked about Father’s Day weekend yet and wanted to do that first.

If I recall, there was a chance of rain for most of the weekend, but it only rained at night, which was nice.  On Saturday, we headed out to a local carnival.  We decided to grab a quick bite to eat and happened to walk past a chicken restaurant downtown.  We were able to sit in front of open windows and people watch as we ate.  It was so fun and the boys also loved it.  And the chicken/sides were delicious!!  We need to go there again.  From there we headed to the tent where Papa was working (he serves beer every year J) and caught up and wished him a Happy Father’s Day.  Then, it was off to the rides.  W LOVED everything.  He went down the giant slide at least five times and went on nearly every ride.  S (who’s usually my daredevil) was a bit more reluctant, but also had lots of fun.  We enjoyed lemonade and popcorn and had a great day.

Sunday was our usual routine.  I had offered to take A out for lunch to celebrate Father’s Day and W requested Tacos El Norte – which is always weird to me because he doesn’t eat Mexican food, but likes this restaurant for some reason.  Anyway, A, being the super dad that he is, agreed to Tacos El Norte.  Lunch was yummy and we gave A a Cubs print.  I thought it was very cool – players’ names and scores arranged in such a way that made a picture of the Cubs celebrating the World Series win.  A seemed to like it (I hope!) – he’s really tough to shop for.  A little side note about this: the print was lost in the mail for quite awhile.  For some reason, it went from Pennsylvania to Chicago to Florida and back to Chicago.  I thought there was no chance it would arrive by Father’s Day, but miraculously, it was delivered the Saturday prior!

It was a great weekend celebrating an amazing dad and I hope A enjoyed it!!


  1. I love the print! And Father's Day was great!!! Probably the best so far 😀

    1. Yay!! Have to make the best dad ever feel special on his day!