Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday Thoughts

W’s last day of school was Wednesday.  I know I brag about my kiddos all the time, but I’m so proud of him and the progress he’s made through the year.  W’s teacher created a book of his drawings, photos, and things he’s said throughout the school year and I absolutely love it.  I so appreciate that she took the time to create a special book for each child – it must’ve taken forever!

A and I were talking about how special and unique our boys are (I’m sure every parent feels this way).  We think W is an old soul – he’s a deep thinker and picks up on details that no one else would notice.  He’s incredibly observant, descriptive, inquisitive, and serious.  He has little patience for immaturity.  I described him as having zero tolerance for bull shit to which A responded, “he’s just like you.”  LOL.  For example, one of W’s classmates was being silly and rambunctious at the preschool carnival and W noticed.  W shook his head, sighed, and said, “Oh, Ezra…”.  He just seems wise beyond his years.  [That’s not to say he doesn’t have meltdowns, super cranky days, or defiant moments.]  S is just incredibly good natured (as long as he’s not tired).  We feel that he could be put in any situation and make the most of it (unless that situation is a doctor’s office, in which case he is NOT having it).  He’s a ray of sunshine and exudes positivity.  People remark that he is always smiling in photos and that’s just how he is – easy to please and cheerful (for the most part).  He also has the uncanny ability to memorize a song after only hearing it a couple times.  He’s a charmer, a quick learner, and definitely the most social member of our family.

In store for this weekend: amusement park, t-ball, haircut (me), tennis, church, and who knows what else….

And now for two completely random things that won’t make sense just because:

~ I don’t think I should have to pay non-routine bills.  For example, the one off doctor’s bills or laboratory fees or whatever else.  Logically, I know this makes no sense whatsoever.  But I usually wait until I receive the second notification because they’re not as important to me.  Like I won’t lose my home or electricity because I didn’t pay on time.  Again, I know it makes no sense and I can’t explain it, but I’m never in a hurry to pay them.  Side note: I’m paranoid about my credit score so I never wait TOO long, but long enough to get a second notice. ;)

~ I will never have a daughter, but when I found out that a girl I never liked used my favorite girl’s name for her new baby, I was furious… and I’m still annoyed.  I have no ownership over said name, but just the fact that she of all people chose it… ugghhh!!!  I know, I know… silly.

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