Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Weekend Recap

We spent all weekend outside.  The weather was perfect.  We thoroughly enjoyed our 3-day weekend.  The end.

But really, it was a great weekend.  W was super cranky on Friday and that carried into Saturday a bit.  A and I wondered if he was going through a growth spurt because he was just in a bad mood and defiant.  On the bright side, he did really great at t-ball.  We’re still debating signing him up for the summer session.  After that, we dropped the boys off at my mom’s house so that I could go to my Global Entry interview at O’Hare airport.  I basically begged A to drive me because I couldn’t imagine trying to find parking and it’s crazy expensive.  So thankful it worked out.  The “interview” was super fast – just fingerprints, a photo, and a couple questions.  I ended up finishing before my interview was even scheduled (so nice that I was early and they didn’t make me wait).  Since I was finished so fast, A and I decided to take advantage of our extra time.  We stopped at a local Mexican restaurant and sat outside eating chips and queso dip.  I even ordered a margarita.  Bliss.  We picked up the boys (who had been outside the entire time) and headed home, where we played outside even more.  So much fresh air for those two!  They couldn’t get enough.

Sunday, W had tennis.  He’s just not into it and I’m so happy we only have one session left.  To be honest, I’m not really a fan of the class either so I can’t blame him.  After tennis, we met my mom at Starbucks for our usual bagels and juice.  S ended up falling asleep so it was just the three of us this time.  From there, it was grocery shopping and then we played outside for most of the day.  I made dinner.  I’ve been missing my Sunday cooking routine and it was great to get back into it.  We finished the day with dinner on the deck.

Monday consisted of a trip to the park and more time outside.  A grilled brats and hamburgers (because that’s what you do on Memorial Day) and we ate outside again.  The boys played with their water table – we’ve had it for 3 years and it’s still a hit!  We also played t-ball in the back yard and went for a walk.  All in all, a really great weekend!

Each day, there was a chance of rain, but it remained sunny and beautiful.  This resulted in sweaty, messy boys who needed a bath every day, grass stained feet, and popsicle stained shirts.  I loved it!  Annnd of course, W told me last night that he’s getting a cold.  I’m praying it’s allergies because I just can’t handle any more sickness.

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