Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day Weekend

Whew… these weekends… I feel like I need a vacation!

Friday, when I picked up W from school, there was a little project waiting for me.  I adore these mom questionnaires and was so excited to see that W did one at school.  He’d been telling me that he made me a Mother’s Day project and it was so cute to see him excited to give it to me.  He was confused by the questions ending in when and interpreted when as meaning on __ or during __, which made me love it even more. :)

"I love my mom more than anyone else."  Heart melted.

Saturday, we skipped S’s preschool class so that we could participate in Great Strides.  We had a small team this year, but I’m always thankful that we can get together and support finding a cure for CF no matter how big our team is.  The weather was absolutely perfect and our team raised over $700, which was awesome.

Unfortunately, we had to book it out of there as soon as the walk ended so that we could make it to W’s first t-ball practice.  He participated!!  The entire time!!  And he seemed to enjoy it!!  I was so so proud of him and he looked adorable  with his little baseball glove.  We found out that his best friend from school is in the same t-ball class and he had an instructor that he previously had so all that helped.  

From there, we went out to lunch.  We let W choose the place and he picked Tacos El Norte, which was interesting since he does not like tacos or any other Mexican food.  Ha.  We headed home and the boys played for a bit.  I had a headache and I’m still fighting a cold.  Blah.  After relaxing for a bit, I told A that I was going to grab a Frappuccino (yay half price happy hour!).  W heard me and asked if he could come along and get a bagel and juice.  Sure, why not?  And S heard that W was going somewhere and couldn’t possibly miss out so he came too. :)  The three of us enjoyed our drinks and it was a great ending to a busy day.

Since Sunday was Mother’s Day, I decided that I wanted to go to our usual church and be with my family.  That meant that W skipped tennis lessons, which everyone was fine with.  The boys looked beyond adorable in their matching outfits.  S even had a little jacket.  Cuteness overload.  They were great in church and we headed out to brunch afterwards with the entire family – 17 of us!  S was in food heaven!  I love that that boy loves to eat.  Brunch was great, but I was so darn tired after our busy Saturday and the stupid cold that will not die.  I enjoyed it nonetheless and it was so nice having A take the boys potty every 5 minutes. ;)  

W's bow tie, S's jacket... holy cuteness!  (My dress is Stitch Fix and I love it too!)
After brunch, we did our usual grocery shopping.  S ended up falling asleep on the couch and A took W for a long walk while I picked up a few things around the house.  Only S could manage to roll off the couch, land on some pillows, and continue sleeping.  He was out!  The boys gave me gourmet taffy apples and truffles along with a couple more questionnaires that I loved.

"Mommy works hard at keeping her kids good."  YES!!

They think I really love hot dogs??
It was a perfect Mother’s Day weekend!  I’m so incredibly grateful for my boys and my family.

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  1. We're extremely grateful (and blessed. And lucky) to have you in our lives! 😘