Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Weekend Recap

Work has been a bit crazy so I'm just getting around to posting.

Finally a weekend in which no one was sick!!  Halleluiah!

I had a conference scheduled with W’s teacher on Friday and wasn’t really looking forward to it.  I know I’m sensitive, but it just seems like his teacher focuses on all the things he needs to work on versus what he does well.  In the past, we’ve been told that W is clumsy, needs to work on his small muscle strength i.e. using scissors, writing, holding a pencil correctly, and that he’s very reserved.  I would go into the conference without concern and leave feeling like a bit of a failure.  This conference, however,  was the complete opposite – nothing but compliments for W.  He is nice to the other children, he follows the rules, he uses scissors well, he contributes to discussions, he’s smart and has a large vocabulary, he is interacting with classmates more, he writes his name and draws pictures, he counts well, etc.  I nearly cried at the conference.  I’m so so proud of him.  We celebrated by going out for pizza and let W choose the place.  Such a great day!

This is basically every outing - the boys both want to sit on me and A eats in peace.  And no idea what W is looking at?
I took S to school Saturday morning and we had a great time as usual.  I discovered that S is a fan of string cheese. J  From there, S and I went to lunch with a sweet friend and W and A had a little outing of their own.  My friend brought along her 5 month old who was a complete angel.  He sat contentedly the entire time without a peep.  So cute!  S was great too.  My dear friend is battling skin cancer, but it was caught early on and she’s doing well.  She is incredibly resilient and amazing!  A took W to pick out his very first baseball glove and bat.  They also went to lunch and played at the mall play place.  A fun day for all!  We finished the day by heading to church.  Mass at the new church is much longer than we’re used to and it’s right at dinner time.  Definitely challenging.  I’m missing our other church.  At one point, the homily was going on and on and on.  W turned to me and said, “WHAT is God talking about?!?”  all serious and annoyed.  Bahaha! 

Sunday, W was supposed to have tennis, but it was cancelled at the last possible minute (which was super annoying since it had been raining all night and should have been called off much sooner).  We headed to Starbucks and met my mom there.  W had repeatedly been asking to visit her house.  I asked her if she’d mind if we stopped over and thankfully, she didn’t.  We decided we’d stop by after grocery shopping.  Grocery shopping was a disturbing experience.  As we were leaving, I heard lots of commotion.  A starting yelling out numbers and repeating them over and over.  I was so confused as to what was happening.  Turns out a man had pushed down an elderly lady and stolen her purse.  A saw the license plate on his car and repeated the numbers until he could write them down.  He’s my hero. ;)  I’m really hoping the police catch the scum bag.  From there, we headed to my mom’s house where the boys asked her 53,960,483 questions, looked for Meiko anytime he wasn’t in plain site, and requested to play with various toys.  We ordered Chinese food and had a relatively low key afternoon.

Despite the rain and cold, we managed to have a good weekend!  Just happy that no one was really sick!

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