Monday, May 8, 2017

Weekend Recap

This weekend seems like one giant blur.  And this was supposed to be our low key weekend.  Yikes.

Saturday started off with school for S.  A took him this time and I hear it went great.  He texted me that one of the mom’s was really annoying.  YES!  And that is why we are perfect for each other.  Ha.  I find her super annoying too, but I can’t pinpoint what it is exactly that bothers me. J  While A and S were at school, W and I went to visit my aunt.  W and S are selling raffle tickets for school and she wanted to buy some.  It was great to catch up with her and W had to go see her air conditioner – because who doesn’t check out air conditioners when they visit family?  From there, we stopped at my mom’s house.  My mom is currently in Florida so W and I went to visit her cat.  A and S ended up meeting us there.  We had a quick lunch and the boys played with some of the toys kept at grandma’s house.  S was super confused about why we were there if grandma wasn’t.  I think Meiko cat was happy to see us for the first 10 minutes and then got tired of the boys constantly following him.  We headed home and A cut the grass while the boys played outside.  I cleaned the kitchen, living room, and play room (only to have them be a mess a short time later… why do I bother?).  After that, it was off to haircuts for the boys.  They did awesome.  S started crying at first, but the lady cutting his hair was so sweet with him.  And then it was off to church, where the boys were pretty awful.  In their defense, it was a very busy day, but my gosh, I’m ready to get back to Sunday morning mass.  These Saturday masses at our new church have definitely been challenging and the boys have always been really good during mass in the past.  Not used to this.

Sunday morning, W had tennis.  I think he did a little better than last time… maybe?  At least he remembered most of what he learned so that’s something.  He did look adorable with his tennis racquet.  We actually had a different coach – the son of the previous coach and I liked him better.  S and A even stopped by to see W in action.  

From there, it was off to Starbucks and grocery shopping.  We got home and unpacked the groceries and then headed out for an hour long walk with the whole family, including Addie.  Once we got home, I gathered some items for the church rummage sale, made my famous mac and cheese, the boys barely ate (so dejecting), baths and showers for all, and we called it a day.  So so busy.

Unfortunately, W has a cold.  S drank from W’s water bottle so it’s only a matter of time.  Now, my throat is scratchy.  I am so ready to be done with sickness.  Seems like someone in the family has been fighting something for the past couple months.

A has CF clinic tomorrow so please send good vibes his way! :)

And finally, because it's been on my mind all day, every day (so much so that I couldn't come up with a coherent post on Friday), I'd be remiss to mention the passing of the health care bill last week.  I am appalled, disgusted, horrified, saddened, dejected... there aren't enough adjectives to describe how exactly I feel.  When the bill initially didn't make it through the house, I breathed a big sigh of relief.  And yet, here were are again.  And there are exactly 0 women working on revising that bill.  WTF.  If you haven't already, I urge you to please, please call your senators.  I did and I hate talking on the phone.  Like I even make A order pizza because that's how much I loathe the phone.  But I did it.  And I nearly cried during that short discussion with whomever answers the phones in Washington.  It was actually easier than I imagined.  And then I cried when I hung up.  I also emailed my representative who voted in favor of the bill because I was too angry and emotional to call.  I explained the problems I had with the bill (loophole for pre-existing conditions) and let him know that he would not receive my vote in 2018.  I'm also considering campaigning for his opponent.  This bill has the potential to devastate millions of families.  CALL YOUR SENATORS!

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