Thursday, May 4, 2017

When adulting stinks...

This week hasn’t been my favorite.  I told a coworker on Wednesday that it felt like it should be Friday.  He responded that it felt like it should be next Wednesday already.  Ha!

Work has been crazy, the boys have been crazy, and Tuesday when I got home from work, A asked me if I wanted the bad news or the worse news.  Really?  The bad news was he had spotted ants in the boys’ rooms.  Not all that surprising with all the rain we’ve had and all the crumbs the boys leave behind.  We were due for a visit from the exterminator anyway.  The worse news was that we seemed to have a minor flood in the basement and it appeared that water was coming from our hot water heater.  Uggh.  Luckily, the previous owners had surrounded the area near the hot water heater with carpet squares and they had soaked up much of the water.  It was easy enough to throw them away.  After picking up all the carpet squares, filling several garbage bags, and using up nearly all of our towels to clean up the mess, we began to look online for a new water heater – at 7pm.  We found one from Home Depot, only about 15 minutes from our house.  A called customer service to find out the cost for delivery and installation.  $700+ dollars.  So more than the water heater itself.  Crap.  I decided to call my cousin.  He’s super handy and installed our air conditioner last summer.  He told me he typically charged $250.  Sold!  SO grateful for his help.  He said he’d postpone another job so that he could help us the next day and asked if I could pick up the new hot water heater.  Somehow, that giant box just fit in my SUV – it definitely wouldn’t have fit in my previous car.  And by 5pm last night, we had hot water again.  Phew.  I know it could’ve been much worse.  So thankful my mom was downstairs and noticed the leak and thankful none of the carpet squares had gotten moldy.

I KNOW that repairs and replacing appliances are part of home ownership, but that doesn’t mean they don’t suck!  This is our third appliance in a year to die and I can’t help thinking about all the fun things (vacation, shoes, clothes…) $4000+ dollars could have been spent on.  Boo!!


  1. Ugh, we just replaced ours last week! The only positive was that our water heater is in the garage (no basements in this region) so when I saw standing water I just opened the garage door and it rushed down the driveway. Whew!

    I agree hime repairs and replacing appliances is not my favorite thing to spend money on!

    1. Leaky water heaters are never fun, but so nice to just open your garage door! I'm one of those crazy people who hides gifts and then forgets where I hide them. Well, with our water heater fiasco, I ended up finding a shirt that I planned to give A for his birthday... back in February. So I guess something good came of it. :)