Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Thoughts

Things I just don’t get or will never try: snapchat/snapchat filters, cold shoulder tops, man buns, essential oils.  I also don’t understand why there isn’t a way to disable comments on Facebook posts because for the love, sometimes I just don’t need to know any more about your opposing opinion!

In related news, we received a survey in the mail titled Trump Agenda Survey.  I couldn’t wait to fill it out and send it in.  Clearly the Republican National Committee sent it to the wrong house.  The questions were so unbelievably biased and laughable.  “Do you believe Democrats in Congress have any intention of working in good faith?”   “Do you believe the so-called “mainstream media” will give the President fair… coverage?”  Come on, at least ask legit, impartial questions.  Give me a break.

Like the rest of the world, I had to try the Unicorn Frappuccino.  My opinion – it was just ok.  Fun to try, but I wouldn’t order it again.

I celebrated five years with my company this week.  It’s the longest I’ve been with a company.  I received an extra week of vacation as a result and I’m super excited about that.

Our neighborhood borders a golf course and many of the streets are named after famous golf courses.  Our street is Magnolia and I always thought it was strange this it didn’t have a golf course name.  This week, I came to find out that Magnolia Golf Course is at Disney World.  Mind blown.

Instead of mindlessly scrolling through Facebook and watching tv after the boys go to bed, I’ve been reading quite a bit lately.  I ordered a book another blogger recommended and when it arrived, I realized it was a young adult novel.  Oops.  And I could not put it down.  So I’m obviously very mature.  But aren’t young adults novels in these days… Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Divergent?  Yeah, I’m going with that… I’m on trend. ;)   (The Selection series if anyone is wondering)

I almost forgot… my brother got engaged!  I never ever ever thought that would happen.  While we’re completely differently (like how are we even related?) we’ve always supported one another and always had each other’s back.  Between you and me, I think he needs a second mother more than he needs a wife, but I really like his fiancé! ;)

Happy Friday... I'm just hoping everyone at my house stays healthy this weekend!


  1. Here's where cold shoulder tops make sense: when you look like Cameron Diaz circa The Mask

    So sorta only Cameron gets the cold shoulder.

    I've got a fabulous fb posse all bonded on hating all things Trump. No opposing opinions allowed! Good support for hard times.

    Do you think there'll be a big wedding?

    Just imagine your two little fellas as duelin' ring-bearers. Too cute!

    And congratulations on finally figuring out where you live! :o)

    Yes, a good wknd to you - it's like summer in my hood today!

  2. Umm... Cameron Diaz looks amazing. And I don't think she ages! :)

    As for Trump, I can't even... It gives me so much anxiety and a sense of impending doom every time I hear something about him. HOW did this happen??

    No big wedding for my brother - I think he wants to elope of have a ceremony with just himself and future wife and then have a big party after. BUT W will be in his other Uncle's wedding in November so I'm excited for that! :)