Monday, April 17, 2017

Weekend Recap and a Disappointing Easter

My goodness, I don’t even know where to begin.  Our Easter weekend was a huge disappointment.  Poor S has had a few very rough days.  Even W got stung by a bee on Easter.  Not at all what I hoped for and anticipated.  But before I get to all that, let me start at the beginning with my business trip…

I flew to Montreal on Wednesday with one of my colleagues.  She and I get along really well so I was happy to have someone to  share the experience with.  The flight was great, but once we arrived in Montreal, the line for customs was really long.  We made it through… does anyone else get nervous about the interview?  I’m afraid they aren’t going to like my answer and turn me away.  Anyway.  Traffic was horrendous.  I’m used to Chicago traffic, but this might have been worse.  We finally made it to the hotel, dropped off are things, and headed out for dinner with a couple other colleagues and a group from the company we were visiting.  I was excited to meet them in person – I email various people from the other company nearly every day and have bi-weekly teleconferences so it was great to meet face to face.  Dinner was a four course, three hour affair.  I was amused that everything was in French.  I guess because it’s such a short plane ride from Chicago, I don’t expect people to be speaking a foreign language aside from Spanish.  But I loved saying “merci” and “bonjour”.

Our business meeting on Thursday was very productive and casual, which I really appreciated.  I’m used to formal slide presentations, company initiatives, and high level overviews that don’t always provide thorough answers or details.  This meeting felt more like a conversation with actual solutions and ideas.  I was introduced to poutin (French fries covered in gravy and curds) and before I knew it, it was time to leave.  While I’m disappointed I didn’t really see any of Montreal, it was completely expected.  Had it not been so close to Easter, I might have tried to stay an extra day to explore.  Hoping to return in the next couple years!  Thinking it might make a great “first foreign country” experience for the boys.

On my way to the airport with 4 of my colleagues, I received a text from A telling me that Nani and S had fallen outside and that S had hit his head.  No blood, but they were heading to the hospital.  I immediately typed back ‘are they ok?’ ‘did S lose consciousness?’ ‘can you call me?’  And I heard nothing.  I told myself that if it was an emergency, A would have called, but as time went on, I got more and more scared.  I tried calling A and he didn’t answer.  10!!! minutes later, A called and explained that he was talking to the doctor.  To which I responded I don’t care if you were talking to the pope, I’m your wife and my baby is at the ER… that trumps anyone/anything else!!.  Ok, I didn’t really say that, but I was thinking it.  S had fallen hard, but he remained conscious.  He was upset, but talking and walking.  An x-ray of his skull and assessment from the doctor suggested that he was ok.  Such a relief!  Meanwhile, my colleagues were all concerned and as I was on the phone, I could hear them providing an assessment… “is everything ok?  She doesn’t seem too upset.  She’s remaining calm so it can’t be too serious.  I hope everything is ok….”  I appreciate their concern and gave them the summary as soon as I hung up.  I felt terrible that I wasn’t there (wasn’t even in the same country) during the whole ordeal and bought the boys stuffed moose, which they couldn’t have cared less about.  Mom guilt. 

I made it home just in time to tuck W into bed.  To my disappointment, S was already asleep.

Friday morning, S woke around 6:30am.  I was so happy to see my baby and brought him back to bed where he drank his milk and cuddled with me.  Within minutes, W woke up and hopped into our bed too.  It was the perfect morning, snuggling with my boys.  A and S eventually headed out to pick up bagels, donuts, and juice.  We had a low key morning.  My mom ended up coming over around lunch time and brought the boys some Easter goodies.  We all went out for a walk.  Later in the afternoon, we headed to the grocery store and had dinner at Mod Pizza.  All in all a great day.

Saturday morning, I got up and made cupcakes and frosting to bring to Easter brunch while A entertained the boys.  W had fun decorating the cupcakes and did an excellent job.  

S wasn’t interested in breakfast and just wanted juice.  Around lunch time, I sat him at the table and gave him lunch.  One bite and he puked everywhere.  I thought maybe he had just had too much juice since he was acting normal.  After that episode, we headed to a local Easter egg hunt and then had plans to head to the park.  The weather was absolutely perfect.  The Easter egg hunt was packed and both boys were a little overwhelmed.  They gathered a few eggs, but weren’t really interested.  We live in such a small town, I didn’t think anyone would even know about the Easter egg hunt.  Wrong!!  

As we headed back to the car, S asked for juice again.  As we drove to the park, he puked all over my car.  Again, I didn’t think too much of it.  He gets car sick and I know better than to give him anything to drink while in the car.  I wasn’t thinking and forgot he had his juice cup.  We headed home to clean up the car (and S).  From there, I took W to the park and S stayed home and napped.  Once S woke, he puked again and again.  BUT he was still acting somewhat normal.  Asking for books and more to drink.  It was strange.  At one point, he asked for a popsicle and sat at the table with his popsicle.  A picked up Potbelly sandwiches for himself and me.  As I was eating my sandwich, S pointed and said “I want that!”.  Umm… no.  I was hesitant, but decided to try turkey and crackers, hoping they would be easy on his tummy.  He kept them down.  At bed time, he asked for milk.  Again, I was very hesitant, but decided to try just 1-2 ounces.  He drank it and fell asleep...  Until about 9:30 when he puked all over his crib.  He was up off and on the remainder of the night.  When he woke up at 3am, A and I both got up.  We ended up laying a towel on our bed and he slept there for the next 3 hours or so.

Sunday, it was clear that S would not be going to church or the Easter festivities at Nani and Papa’s house.  I was so incredibly disappointed.  I had matching outfits for the boys.  A and I had laughed about going completely overboard with their Easter baskets.  We had so much fun selecting items to place in them.  I live for quality time and holidays so this was such a huge disappointment.  On the bright side, W looked beyond adorable and was great a church.  But it wasn’t the same having just one boy excitedly run in to find his Easter basket.  

Poor S had a fever all day, could barely get off the couch, and had zero interest in anything Easter related.  Once A and W had gone to Nani and Papa’s for Easter brunch, I convinced S to go for a walk (in the stroller), but once we were back at the house, he laid on the couch and fell asleep.  He had no energy and also seemed a bit congested.

I felt awful for S.  A trip to the ER, vomiting, and fever all in a few days.  W had fun at the Easter celebration, but got his first bee sting while hunting for eggs.  For the most part, he seems to have handled it well.  He had fun opening up all his eggs and exploring his basket when he got home.  My sweet husband brought me a plate of food.

S seemed a little better today.  He slept from 7pm until 8am with only one wake up in between.  He’s managed to get off the couch today and has been keeping food and drink down (knock on everything).  We will continue keeping an eye on him.

If only I could have a redo for this weekend!  L

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