Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday Thoughts

It’s been a tough week – nothing specific, but stress at work, worries about the future, politics, and lack of sleep have led to major anxiety.  The kind that causes an ache in my chest and inability to fall asleep.  Finally feeling a bit better as the week is wrapping up and I’m hoping some fresh air this weekend will ease my mind.

Our weather had been pretty dismal all week – cold and rainy.  BUT we’re supposed to have sun and warmer temperatures all weekend.  I can’t wait.  I plan on having the boys outside as much as possible!

I have to fly to Montreal this coming week for a business meeting.  It will be my first time in Canada, though I’ll only be there for a very short time and likely won’t see much of Montreal.  Still looking forward to a new place.  We have a dinner planned and the reservation was sent out.  I always check out menus ahead of time and when I researched the restaurant, I realized everything was in French.  Here’s hoping I don’t order anything gross. :)

My kids break EVERYTHING.  I knew that children had a tendency to drops sippy cups or spill food, but I had no idea the extent of damage they are capable of… wooden blinds, picture frames, Christmas ornaments, eye glasses, lamps (yes, plural), drinking glasses, scratches on wood tables, broken cell phones, cracked iPad screen, and I’m sure I’m forgetting several others.  I don’t think my boys intentionally break things, but they are curious, clumsy, and a bit mischievous.  Wednesday, I was working from home when I heard a giant crash.  S had attempted to climb the pantry shelves trying to reach something and an entire shelf full of food collapsed, vinegar spilling all over the floor.  That same day, one of the boys broke a spindle on the foot board of our nice wooden bed frame.  What the heck??

And finally, I’m about to brag about my kiddo so if you find that annoying, apologies.  When I picked up W from school, one of his teachers came up to me and said, “I just have to tell you, I love talking to him.  We have the best conversations.  He seems to have an old soul and I love the way he thinks.  If I could, I’d just talk to him the entire time.”  Proud of my sweeties.


  1. Have a great time in Montreal - it's a great city and you won't have any trouble with the language. (I worked there for 6 months and only picked up a handful of French words.) There is always a translator app on your phone if you truly get stuck, but keep in mind that they speak Quebecois French - not Parisian French. If you get a chance, go for a walk through the old part of the city; it worth making the time for.

    It's always nice to hear that others "get" your kids and appreciate their insights. Sounds like you have good reason to be proud.

    1. Sadly, I don't think I'll have any time to explore Montreal. I will definitely check out the old part of the city if I have the chance! Hopefully I'll return soon, especially since it's a short flight from Chicago! :)