Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Thoughts

S is finally feeling better.  I ended up taking him to the doctor on Wednesday after he started vomiting again on Tuesday.  The doctor said it was just a stomach bug and something (likely milk) triggered the vomiting on Tuesday.  By Wednesday night, he seemed to be back to normal.  And just when I thought things were looking up, W started complaining his tummy hurt this morning and vomited.  I’m so over this illness and praying that A and I don’t get it.

We’re supposed to go to a birthday party tomorrow and W starts tennis on Sunday.  It seems unlikely that we’ll make the birthday party, but I hope we can make it to tennis.  I’m curious to find out if W will actually participate in tennis class.  It’s a parent/child class so maybe he’ll like it a little better?  Or not…  I played tennis in high school and I’m really hoping W enjoys it.  If nothing else, hopefully he appreciates the one on one time with mommy.

Because tennis is on Sunday mornings (which I still find odd), we’ll be attending a different church on Saturday night.  A little nervous about that since we’re so used to having my mom at church and we’ve had the same routine forever.  Fingers crossed…

Did you know that you don’t get a passport stamp when you travel to Canada?  My colleague and I were so disappointed.  My number of stamps remains at one.  Lame.

Here’s hoping this weekend is better than the last, but at this point, it seems very unlikely… :(

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