Monday, April 10, 2017

Weekend Recap

Oh, this weekend…  Lots of fresh air, lots of meltdowns (W), little sleep (S).

If I remember correctly (weekends are always a blur), the boys were really good on Friday.  They spent lots of time outside, we ordered pizza for dinner, it was a good day.

Saturday started with S’s preschool class.  We had a great time per usual.  S enjoyed painting, playing at the sensory bin, and running around outside. 

Then it was off to meet up with A at W’s last swim lesson.  We have a birthday party to go to in a couple weeks so we’ll miss his actual final lesson.  When S and I arrived, W was out of the pool and crying.  I later learned that he was scared of going under water?  Something must have spooked him because this was the first time he reacted this way.  He eventually got back in the water, but would not participate.  It was so strange.  We talked about it afterwards and he mentioned something about not liking the back float, which he’s never liked, and going under water.  I’m not sure what exactly happened, but I didn’t want to dwell on it and I’m hoping not bringing too much attention to the failed lesson will help him get over his fear.  His teacher mentioned that he knew W could do the skills he had learned and must be having an off day.  It was definitely a disappointing way to end the class since he had done so well prior. :(  We’re going to take a little break from swim lessons as W said he wanted to try tennis and t-ball.  In all honesty, I’m expecting t-ball to be a disaster since W has never shown an interest in baseball.  Here’s hoping I’m wrong!  After that, I got my hair cut and we finished the day with a park outing.  S was so upset when it was time to leave the park – I swear, that boy would live outside if he could!

Sunday, W woke in a bad mood and was just plain awful challenging the entire day.  Palm Sunday mass was long so I know the boys were getting restless, but W was just defiant – not talking quietly when I told him to, not wanting to wait to go to the restroom.  After communion, I stood with him in the back of church and he wanted to know a lot about my dad – when he had passed away, where did he live, and could we light a candle for him.  When mass was over, S wanted to be picked up and I obliged.  W had a massive fit because he wanted me to hold him and not S.  Crying and laying on the floor at church – totally unlike W.  I explained that I just spent time with him and it was S’s turn.  Both my mom and A offered to pick up W.  Nope.  The tantrum continued.  Side note:  I swear W is forever scarred because I couldn’t pick him up after my c-section.  He didn’t understand why I could hold S and not him.  To this day, many meltdowns begin because I can’t/won’t pick him up.  Sigh.  Anyway, W was rude at Starbucks and I decided I just couldn’t handle grocery shopping with W acting the way he was.  We got home and A decided to head to the grocery store with S while I stayed home with W.  Still, W was defiant.  He didn’t want to use soap while washing his hands and refused to listen to me.  I took away his park privileges until he could earn them back.  We did take a walk together, which he really enjoyed and he was really good during that little outing.  After S’s nap, W told me that he wanted to go the park and would be really good.  I explained that in order to go, he would have to do something nice for S, say something nice about S, change his shirt, and put on his shoes.  He did all of those things so off we went.  To be honest, I wanted to get out of the house and take advantage of the weather so I should have come up with a different punishment.  Mom fail.

There is a tree planted for my dad at a local park and I asked W if he wanted to go to the park where grandpa’s tree was planted.  He responded with, “I want to go to grandpa’s park!”  I love that he now calls it that. :)  The boys were wonderful at the park and even took a picture with grandpa’s tree (they hate pictures!).  S took a couple spills and ended up with a skinned knee, but all in all, we had a great time.  

Grandpa's tree

So this shirt... I had it on W and realized it was a tad short.  So I took it off W and put it on S.  S turned 2 in February and is wearing a size 4 shirt and size 3 shorts here.  Whoa.
And then when we got home, W had a major meltdown because I wouldn’t rewind his show.  I have NO idea what was with him.  He has a tantrum every now and then, but nothing like this.  All I can think of is that he was worn out from so much fresh air all weekend.  I could not wait for bed time.  

And then S was up the whole night for seemingly no reason?!?!  He woke up at 12:45am so I went in his room to calm him.  By 2am, he was still up and would not stop moving around in his crib.  It was as if he just couldn’t relax.  I couldn’t handle sitting in the rocking chair anymore so I brought him to our bed.  He finally fell asleep I’m guessing around 2:30am, 3:00am… who knows?  A brought him to his crib where he immediately woke screaming, “I want mommy!  Mommy’s bed!  No nap!!”  Somehow A got him to calm down, but then he woke again at 4am.  What the heck?!?  Brought him back to our bed and the alarm went off at 5:15am.  I think I got 2-3 hours of sleep.  I’m used to S waking once during the night, but not all night long. :(  Needless to say, very tired today.

Despite the challenges this weekend, we had so many great moments.  The weather was beautiful!  The boys even wore shorts and we grilled out for the first time!!  I love seeing the boys so happy at the park.  They’re starting to play together on the playground equipment, which is wonderful for my mom heart. :)

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