Wednesday, June 7, 2017


We are a whopping 3 days (technically 3.5 days) into summer break and W has already declared, “I love Nani because she fixes things for me.”  And this gem, “I miss grandma.  Things are changed.  Grandma isn’t coming over [tomorrow], daddy is home, you’re going into work.  I’m going to be broken tomorrow.”  So apparently we suck as parents. :)  I’ll be forever grateful that the boys see their grandparents so often and miss them after a few days of not seeing them.

And I’m not sure why W is complaining because so far, A has taken them to the park numerous times, to visit me at work, on several walks, and the list goes on.  I mentioned to A that I felt bad we had registered W for several activities, but not S.  On a whim, we signed S up for a parent/child gymnastics class, which started today and he loved it.  W got to visit grandma while S was in class and I’m sure he also had a blast.

On a another note, our tenants decided they were moving out of our townhome and then told us that their plan to purchase a house wasn’t going to work out so they’d be staying another year.  I had the townhouse advertised on Zillow so I took down the listing and emailed everyone who had contacted me.  Annnd then, a couple days later, the current tenants dropped off their rent check and casually mentioned they were in fact purchasing a home and had already started packing.  I’m so frustrated that they weren’t honest with us about what was going on and feel like an idiot for being so indecisive with prospective renters.  We’ll be on vacation when our current tenants move out and will only have a couple days to get the house ready for new tenants.  I’m not exactly sure how all this is going to work out, but staying positive…

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