Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday Thoughts

We have new tenants for the townhouse!  While we have a few reservations, we selected the family who wanted the house the most.  They emailed me quite a few times to ask about the status and offered the deposit immediately.  They were VERY persistent.  The lady even described the house as “perfect”.  I’m hoping this means that they’ll take good care of it.  We do have a few repairs to make before they can move in so I’ve been contacting different companies for estimates.  I’ll be really happy when the repairs are made and the new tenants are moved in.  I should also mention that it was stressful letting other applicants know that we had selected a different family to rent the house.  I had no idea there would be so many interested people and felt awful giving disappointing news.  Good thing I’m not a realtor – I get too emotionally involved!!

On Monday, right after we returned from vacation, we were on our way to pick up W from preschool camp when a rock flew up and cracked the front windshield of my car.  Uggh.  I’ve only had the car for a year and I’m so frustrated.  I know these things happened, but still, they are frustrating.  On the bright side, someone came to the house to “fix” the crack, but there’s now an annoying white spot on the windshield.  I told A that I’m just going to pretend it’s bird poop.

We’re going to be in an Independence Day parade this weekend.  A hates parades so I doubt he’ll join us.   I’m hoping it’s not as loud as last year (we were right behind a truck that kept blasting the horn) and crossing my fingers for good weather.

I came home from work on Wednesday to find a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.  I was confused at first because they looked like the kind that were delivered.  A explained that he had worked with a florist to design a bouquet that was symbolic of our trip to Europe.  The colors and types of the flowers represented the three countries we visited.  I was so impressed and completely surprised!!  I absolutely love the flowers (which also smell amazing) and love A so much!

Happy holiday weekend!!  I'm excited to have four days off to spend with my favorite guys!  Woohoo!!

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