Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Maryland Trip (Part 1)

Our vacation was so wonderful, I have to break it up into two posts.

A little background:  We’ve been going to Maryland every summer for the past 5ish years.  My aunt has an amazing house with 5 bedrooms, a finished basement with an additional bed, lots of land, and a pool.  My uncle comes from Oregon and does all the cooking while we’re there.

This year was a bit different since we had Baby S.  We debated whether or not we would go for months.  I really wanted to, it was just a matter of getting there with the boys and ALL the stuff.  We eventually decided that A would drive with the gear (i.e. car seats, double stroller, and suitcases) and I would fly with my mom and the boys.  I was really nervous about traveling with the boys.  Mainly I was nervous about getting through security with car seat, stroller, diaper bag, pump bag, back pack, and kiddos.  It doesn’t sound like all that much as I type, but just remember all that stuff has to go through the x-ray… stroller has to be folded, bottles and milk need to be removed and tested, shoes need to be taken off.  It’s a hassle to say the least.  But for the most part, people were helpful and patient with us.  And the boys were great.  To my surprise, W walked right through the x-ray.  S was in the carrier, which I highly recommend to anyone traveling with a babe.  Once on the plane, the boys were awesome.  I had stuffed W’s little backpack with new cars, stickers, new books, a game, and snacks.  He was thrilled.  And S received a new teether and toy to play with, which he also loved.  Only downside - S had a diaper blow out on the plane.  I KNEW it was going to happen.  But it wasn't as bad as some he's had.  Side note: Have you seen the changing table on an airplane?!?  Holy tiny useless board...

Once we arrived at the Baltimore airport, A picked us up while my mom, cousin, and family friend took a shuttle to my aunt’s house.  I was exhausted by this time and so happy to see A.  We arrived at my aunt’s house about 45 minutes later and spent the remainder of the day unpacking, playing outside, and eating.

 The next day, Wednesday, we stayed at the house for most of the day.  We went for walks, played in the pool, and played outside.  W loved every minute.  That evening, we went to a local restaurant with the entire family – all 11 of us.  I was nervous because our reservation wasn’t until 7pm.  But the boys did well – though W ate nothing.  Par for the course.  The restaurant had goats and ducks outside, which W loved.

 Thursday, A and I took the boys to a local wildlife preserve and zoo.  We had a great time checking out the animals.  Favorites included the monkeys, tigers, and bears.  W fed the coi and laughed at the goats.  That night, we headed to downtown Frederick for dinner with colleagues.  I LOVED downtown Frederick – so many cute boutiques and restaurants.  I stopped in a candy store and bought truffles as a thank you to my family for watching the boys.  We had drinks at a restaurant called Volt and then went to dinner at The Tasting Room.  A and I both had steaks – so yummy!  And such a treat to go out with adults.

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