Monday, July 6, 2015

Weekend Recap - In Bullet Points and Pictures

Our 4th of July weekend in bullet points:

·         7/2 – Fire station tour followed by pizza dinner with W.  I think W really appreciated one on one time with mom and dad and downed A LOT of pizza.
·         7/3 – A and W went on a donut and Starbucks run – my absolute favorite mornings!
·         Grocery shopping and hair cut for W.
·         S has oatmeal for the first time and ate like a champ!  W observes this momentous occasion and pukes.  Seriously?!?  I have never encountered a toddler so sensitive to food.  What. The. Heck.  It drives me crazy.
·         7/4 – Trip to a nearby park that I often visited as a child.  Splash pad, tall slides, lots of room to run – what more could a toddler ask for?!?  W had a blast and took a long nap.  Woohoo!
·         Cookout at Nani and Papa’s house.  W had fun playing with his cousins.  Great food, bags, badminton, tons of fun!
·         7/5 – S is 5 months old!
·         Church - the first time S had to be taken to the church lobby, but that only lasted a short time.  Church friend tells me that we have the most beautiful babies and I have to agree. J
·         Starbucks
·         Pool fun in the backyard.

It was a great, long weekend!  W has not eaten much or slept well in the past couple days.  We’re keeping an eye on him.  I think they’re related – i.e. he’s not sleeping well because he’s hungry.  Lately, everything is “W no like that.”  Uggghhhh…  Firecrackers are also not helping. 

And now, a ton of pictures…

Sweet, sweet brothers

S and Mommy cuddles

I've waited my WHOLE LIFE for food and you give me OATMEAL?!?

What the heck, mom?!?

Oatmeal.  I LOVE oatmeal!!

So what food do I get to try next??

4th of July fun at the park

Love me some Baby S

Happy 4th of July - From our family to yours.


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