Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend Recap

Another great weekend come and gone.

Friday was lots of fun.  My mom came over during the afternoon and we took the boys to the farmer’s market.  Our town farmer’s market is tiny (like 5 tents) and just opened in July.  But what they are lacking in quantity, they make up for in quality.   I came home with cinnamon rolls, corn, tomatoes, and a cucumber.  W enjoyed his apple cider - a special treat.  After returning home, I opened my first Stitch Fix box and was very impressed.  My stylist did an awesome job selecting clothes that were very me.  More on what I received in an upcoming post!  We finished the evening by ordering Chinese food.  One of my favorites!

Saturday, W had his 2.5 year checkup.  We all went, though I’m not sure why. J  I went because I’m a control freak and had to be there, but A and S could have stayed home.  Anyway.  W used to be in the 75th percentile for height, but he seems to have leveled off and is right in the middle of the curve for height and weight at just over 36 inches and 32.4 pounds.  The pediatrician was impressed by the progress with his speech and W seems to have exceeded where he should be in terms of speech development.  The ped asked if W was stringing 3-4 words together and W has far surpassed that.  Case in point, last night he said, “W no like his bed!  Mommy and daddy build a new one!!”  So there you go.  I watched as the pediatrician listened to W’s heart and noticed that he listened a little too long – turns out W has a soft heart murmur.  Apparently this is fairly common, no extra appointments are needed.  Of course, being a mom, I’m a little worried, but happy the doctor isn’t very concerned.  All in all, I was super impressed with W.  He stepped on the scale and stood at the wall to be measured with no problem, though I could tell he was nervous. 

After a successful appointment, we needed to have some fun so it was off to the pool!  W was actually a bit more tentative than I expected, but we all had fun.  The pool wasn’t as crowded as I thought it might be so that was a bonus.

Sunday, was the usual.  The boys were great.  S no longer has pink eye.  Life is good. J

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