Friday, November 13, 2015

Back from TX and W Says...

Happy Friday!  I'm back from south Texas.  I didn't realize what a long trip that was.  I guess I should pay more attention to travel times... duh.  A total of 4 hours in the plane. There were no direct flights so I had to take a connecting flight from Dallas/Fort Worth.  So lots of time in airports and on airplanes.  Everything really is bigger in Texas - including the state itself and DFW airport.  Holy Moly.  Also all the stereotypes about Texas held true - LOTS of cowboy boots, cowboy hats, "y'all", BBQ, guns, and pick up trucks.  South Texas was different than I expected and a bit of a culture shock.  Completely flat, very rural, farmland.  Farmhouses were run down and there were lots of boarded up, deteriorating shacks.  It was sort of a sad little area.  But the people were all very kind.  Chicago could learn a thing or two about hospitality (I'm talking to you, parking lady!  I put my credit card in the slot to pay for my airport parking and it literally shot out at me and landed at the side of my car.  The parking attendant just stared blankly at me while people honked behind me.  My bad.  I didn't realize I was playing catch with the parking pay booth.)  Anyway.  I'm happy to be home, albeit, exhausted.

Also, pumping while traveling is really difficult.  I'll spare you my stories.  BUT here's the thing... workplaces are required to have a dedicated area for nursing moms.  So why the heck aren't airports?!?  Seriously.  It's ridiculous.  And it wouldn't even be difficult - a small, private area with a bench and an outlet.  That's it.

So how about a little edition of W Says because he's been cracking me up lately. :)

W:  What's this song called?
Me:  Umm, let's see... It's called 'Boston'
W:  Where's 'Ice Ice, Baby'?

W:  What are those birdies doing?
A:  They're looking for worms for breakfast
W:  I'm looking for breakfast!!

W:  Mommy, you need a shower tonight?
Me:  Yes, I'm taking a shower tonight.
W:  Are you stinky?

He often makes up stories about our dog... Dee Dee is in the vent, Dee Dee bit the mailman, etc.

W:  Dee Dee is in the recycling bin!
A:  How did she get in the recycling bin?
W:  I put her in there!
A:  Why did you put her in the recycling bin?
W:  Cuz she was empty.

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