Monday, November 2, 2015

Weekend Recap

Ok, I seriously need a vacation from all these busy weekends.  I mean they are good busy, but whew, I’m exhausted.  Also, the whole gaining an hour of sleep thing is total crap when you have kids.  Oh, and thank you for not attacking me when I talked about everyone else being pregnant last week.  I continue to wonder if those surprise announcements will ever not affect me or not hurt.  Maybe someday.  Anyway, let’s get on to the weekend recap…

Friday, Nani took the boys to a local downtown trick-or-treating shin-dig (for lack of a better word –sorry).  Apparently they visited the bank and got to see Papa and Uncle Matt at work.  They went in stores and had their picture taken.  I hear they were quite a hit. J  After that, I met A and the boys at one of our favorite pizza places.  The boys were a bit antsy and I felt like I was shoving pizza in my face between entertaining the boys and cutting their food, but we still had fun.  A and I tried macaroni and cheese and bacon pizza (SO GOOD), buffalo chicken pizza (spicy), the Frisco pizza (spinach, tomato, and artichoke – YUMMY!!), and the Southwest chicken pizza (chicken and salsa – also really good).  The waitress made a mistake so the buffalo chicken pizza was a freebie.  Also, if you know A, you know that he is not an adventurous eater.  At all.  He’s extremely picky.  SO the fact that he actually tried these pizzas AND really liked them is a modern day miracle.

Saturday was Halloween and it rained  So disappointing.  W spent the morning either asking if it was time for trick-or-treating or in time out.  Finally, it was time to head over to my mom’s house.  The boys looked so cute in their firefighter and Dalmatian costumes.  They got some goodies, visited the cats, and played for a bit.  We also went to visit Miss Joan next door who practically begged us to stay longer.  I felt bad leaving after a short time, but could sense that the boys were ready to go and trick or treating in our neighborhood was beginning.  W was super excited for trick-or-treating.  Since it was raining, we only planned to stay out a short time.  We’d ask W if he was ready to go home and he’d respond “One more house.”  Love him. J  And he took his trick-or-treating very seriously.  He loved ringing doorbells, but they were often a bit high for him.  He’d set his bucket on a step so he could really stretch to ring that doorbell.  But then he’d forget to pick up his bucket and when the home owner came to the door with a bowl of candy, he’d reach in and grab a handful – no matter how many times we told him that he wasn’t supposed to take the candy.  So funny.  For some reason, everyone thought S was a girl?  I’m not sure why the Dalmatian costume looked girly, but heard at least 4 “she’s” and “sister’s”.  By the time we got home, W’s shoes and socks were soaked through. L  He fell asleep on the couch in a matter of minutes.  On the bright side, the cold, rainy weather was a perfect excuse for our first fire of the season.  And I’m thankful the boys got to go out with Nani on Friday so Halloween wasn’t a complete bust.

Then Sunday, church, Starbucks, grocery shopping.  Of course the weather was absolutely perfect and gorgeous the day AFTER Halloween.  Gah.  We were supposed to meet up with the family at a pizza place (yes, we eat LOTS of pizza) at 3:30 to celebrate my niece’s birthday.  I asked W if he wanted to take a walk before going for pizza.  I warned him that we couldn’t be out too long because we’d have to leave soon for pizza and Lucy’s birthday party.  A stayed home to finish up some raking.  So while we were out walking, I heard a bang, bang, bang.  It sounded like gun shots.  I’ve heard them before and suspect that there may be hunting somewhere nearby?  Not sure.  I hate, hate, hate hunting, but I digress…  A few minutes later I heard sirens.  Pretty rare for our neck of the woods because we aren’t really by busy roads.  W even asked what the sirens were and I told him it sounded like a police car or an ambulance.  We had been out for about 30 minutes and I wanted to get home in the next 15 minutes so I told W it was time to head back.  Cue meltdown.  I’ve mentioned that he’s obsessed with air conditioners.  I have no idea why, but he makes it his personal mission to find each and every one that’s on.  And even though our weather is in the 50’s and 60’s, he always finds one that’s on.  Again, I can’t explain it.  These people must have skyrocketing electrical bills.  So W was very upset when it was time to head back because he had not seen every last air conditioner.  “I DON’T want pizza, mommy!  I DON’T want to go back home!  I DON’T want to go to the restaurant, mommy!” OVER and OVER and OVER.  SO after listening to W cry the entire way, I finally round the corner towards our house and see an ambulance with lights flashing right across from our house.  Panic.  At this point, I’m sure A has been shot (not at ALL dramatic) and I’m practically running to the house with a completely unphased, still whining W.  I park the stroller in front of our garage and run to the back yard to see if A is still raking.  Nope.  Oh Lord.  All the thoughts running though my head… if something happened, he would have texted, right?  But what if he was incapacitated and couldn’t text?  Oh my gosh… is he IN the ambulance?  Why aren’t the paramedics coming to get me?  So I get both boys out of the stroller and I’m practically yelling while trying to remain calm, “I need to find daddy!” “Help mommy find daddy.”  And W is still completely oblivious and still telling me he doesn’t want pizza.  I drag W inside and start calling for A.  A comes out from our bedroom totally fine – as in not shot.  And my heart started beating once again.  I’m not sure what exactly happened, but I don’t believe it was serious.  The ambulance was called for our neighbor across the street, but it didn’t appear that anyone was hurt, and their dog was outside a short time later.  I, however, lost years off my life after that little episode.  We eventually made it to pizza where both boys slept through dinner.  Sigh. :P

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