Monday, April 4, 2016

A bit about this weekend & W says...

It was a bit of a sad weekend for me.  My mom has had two cats for nearly 14 years.  I lived at (my mom’s) house after graduating from college and was there when the rescue cats came to her home.  They were actually adopted by my brother who was also living at home at the time, but moved out a short time later.  I think my mom always knew that they would be her cats.  The orange one, who we called Tigs, was my favorite.  And there was no doubt that I was his favorite.  There were many mornings I was getting ready for work, standing in front of the mirror, and Tig would jump on my shoulder to cuddle.  He was so funny.  This flying orange cat.  He loved to snuggle with me.  Eventually A and I bought our first house and I moved out, but every time I visited my mom, Tig was quick to find me and purred happily as he sat next to me.  My mom told me yesterday that poor Tigs wasn’t doing well and likely wouldn’t make it through the night.  I visited him yesterday and gave him some love.  I was afraid to touch him, not knowing if he was in pain.  He couldn’t move and let out a weak meow.  My mom let me know that he died this morning. L  I know we gave him a good life, but it’s always tough to lose a pet - especially for an animal lover like myself. L

On top of that, W complained his ears were hurting yesterday so I took him to the pediatrician while A and S went to church.  Sure enough.  W has a double ear infection.  His second ear infection in 2 months. L

And just so this recap isn’t completely depressing, W has been making me laugh so much lately.  A few of the funny things he’s said recently:

At 9am, “Mommy, did I wear you out?”  Considering the day was just beginning, I told him not yet.

I call him mister quite often… Are you ready to go, mister?  Let’s pick up your toys, mister.  Well, he’s started calling me mister mommy.  “Mister mommy, are we going to Starbucks?”

“Mommy, are you wearing your biscuit?”
“My what??”
“Your biscuit!” (points to my Fitbit… Biscuit… Fitbit… same thing.)

I made the mistake of telling W that I thought his cold was the result of airplane germs.  So he often talks about colds and airplanes: “I’m not going to go on the airplane anymore so I don’t get more colds.  I’m going to stay in Florida.”

And possibly my all-time favorite… We were just at the pediatrician last Wednesday for W’s 3 year checkup (better late than never) so he was familiar with the process.  I brought him in yesterday to have his ears checked.  Afterwards, I told him he did a great job and we could leave to which he responded, “I didn’t even get to take my pants off!”  I nearly died.  Hahaha.

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