Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Thoughts

Happy Friday!!

I survived my business trip (and so did A!).  Despite it raining in both Chicago and Cincinnati, by some miracle, my flights were on time.  It was such a relief!!  I was thrilled to make it home in time to see the boys before they went to bed.  My meetings were productive and I enjoyed one of the best dinners I’ve ever had while in Cincinnati so definitely a good trip!

I feel like a broken record, but it has been another cold, rainy week here in Chicago.  Enough is enough, Mother Nature!!

Have I ever mentioned W’s garbage obsession?  Because if I haven’t, I really need to.  W discusses garbage  Any time we leave the house, he wants to look in the garbage and recycling bins in the garage.  He looks for the recycle symbol on every single product and lets me know what I should be recycling.  He plays with his toy garbage truck and bins every day.  Friday isn’t Friday to him, it’s garbage day.  If we’re playing outside, he will literally roll the recycle bin from the garage into the drive way and play garbage day.  Every Friday, upon waking, he immediately runs into our bedroom and insists we open the blinds so he can see all the garbage/recycling bins in the neighborhood.  He asks grandma and Nani if their garbage bins are full.  He looks at all the garbage bins in the neighborhood to see if they are overfilled or missing a lid.  OBSESSED.

My two favorite pictures of the week… W’s preschool photo and S and his bear #twinning

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