Monday, May 2, 2016

Weekend Recap and My Kid Will Never Be Potty Trained

You know the weather has been especially bad when your three year old exclaims, “Mommy, the sun is shining!  We have to get out for a walk!” at 6pm and you’re all for it, despite the temperature being frigid.  That’s how our weekend began.  Friday night pizza followed by a chilly walk around the neighborhood.

Saturday was just miserable weather-wise.  Rain all day long.  The boys kept busy by building a blanket fort.  W and I went grocery shopping while S napped.  There are few things worse than trying to get your toddler into his car seat and groceries into the car in the pouring rain.  Yuck.  A and I finished the night by lounging on the couch watching old episodes of New Girl.

He asked to go grocery shopping about 10 times and finally I agreed.  Now I know why - the free cookie!!
 Sunday was also drizzly and gloomy, but at least the rain wasn’t constant.  After church, Starbucks, and another blanket fort, we decided to go out for late lunch/early dinner.  We went to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants where W ordered chicken fingers and fries and S chowed on enchilada and refried beans.  These two – opposites in so many ways.  Once we got home, we decided to take advantage of the fact that it wasn’t raining and headed out for another cold family walk.

Blanket forts for the win!
In other news, I don’t think W will ever be potty trained.  A and I convinced him to wear underwear a few times over the weekend, which was a major feat.  I’d ask him if he had to go potty, he’d tell me no, and I kid you not, 30 seconds later, he would pee his pants.  I don’t understand how someone can stand up in the bathtub when he has to pee and proceed to do so (despite my attempts to convince him that bathing in your own pee is really gross) while laughing hysterically, but can’t recognize he has to pee when specifically asked.  Uggghhhhhhh.  There are two things I really dreaded about parenting – potty training and loose teeth.  My potty training anxiety has proven legitimate.  At least we have awhile before teeth start falling out.

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