Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekend Recap

Whew.  The boys have been some degree of sick for the past 3 weeks.  Luckily, the majority of that time has consisted of a runny nose and occasional cough.  Last Tuesday, S woke in the night with a nasty sounding barking cough.  A brought him to the doctor and as I suspected, he had croup.  He was given a prescription for prednisone, which he refused several times and if we did manage to get any of the medicine in his mouth, he’d vomit.  Fun times.  By Friday, W was coughing nonstop so we took the boys back to the doctor to make sure they still just had colds.  The doctor confirmed they did and we’d just have to wait it out.  In the past week, there have been 2 trips to the doctor, multiple wake ups, countless spit ups and nose wipes, sheet changes, and A and I have both been puked on…

As a result of the cold bugs that will not die, W missed soccer on Saturday (disappointing since he only has a total of 5 classes) and we spent the majority of the weekend in or around our house.  The weather was gorgeous so we did play outside, go for walks, and play at the park.  But there were definitely lots of things I hoped to accomplish that just didn’t get done… maybe next weekend.

In exciting news, A is nearing the end of the school year.  I think we’re both ready for summer.  We both need a break from our usual busy routines.  We’ve also decided we need to find someone we trust to watch the boys occasionally.  We haven’t gotten out in a long time (unless you count lunch after CF clinic – which I don’t).  I think the last time we went out for dinner was in November for our anniversary.  6 months ago.  I can’t even recall the last movie I saw, but I’d guess it was over a year ago.  I’m ready for a new car, but I can’t seem to get to a dealer to actually look and I can’t test drive a car with kiddos in tow.  But I’m also not sure how to find someone to watch my kiddos.  A friend of a friend left her daughter with a sitter recently and the little girl ended up in the hospital with life altering injuries after being shaken.  That scenario keeps running through my head.  How do you find someone you trust?  I can’t even fathom something happing to my boys while I’m away. L (Oddly enough, I remember caring for other children when I was really young – as many as 4 children at a time and I couldn’t have been more than 15 years old.  That seems crazy to me now.)

I can’t end this post on a completely depressing note so how about a few thoughts from W:

“Daddy, you have to go to work and make money so you can take me to more carnivals.”

“S has his crabby pants on.”

Hears the song Love Yourself on the radio and yells, “Beaver!!”.

He’s been making up things lately.  He made up names for the family – I was Urna and A was Gopi?  Yesterday, we went to McDonalds and W tried to order chicken and meatballs.  We told him that McDs didn’t have those items and he told us that a restaurant called Barbara Moon’s did.  That does sound tasty, actually.  He might be on to something.

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