Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wednesday Thoughts - Just Because

Our temperatures could reach near 90 tomorrow.  WHAT?!?  Wasn’t it 40 degrees last week??  Only in Chicago.  Is a period of 70 degree weather too much to ask?  Also, our air conditioner isn’t working properly.  Awesome.

One of my good friends from college invited A and I to a Cubs game this weekend.  Apparently she got free tickets through work.  Remember how I said A and I hadn’t been out in months – like the last adult outing I remember (aside from CF clinic) was in November.  I begged my mom to watch to boys and she agreed.  SO looking forward to adult conversations and actually sitting in a seat for an extended period of time… and maybe even a beer!  Please don’t rain…  I owe my mom big time!!

Aside from allergies (me), I think everyone is feeling better finally.  YAY!!!

W’s teacher told me that W is talking much more at school and interacting lots.  Just in time for the school year to end.  But I’ll take it. J  We’re considering signing up for a summer session (each one is only a week).

I am totally striking out on clothing items lately.  I live in sun dresses over the summer.  For some reason I’m having trouble finding them this year.  I currently have 3 to return for various reasons along with a pair of shoes.  I may actually have to start shopping AT stores and trying things on.  GASP.

I tried to cook dinner yesterday and it was an epic failure.  With 3 burners on and various items being cooked, W was insisting that I sit with him on my lap.  When I told him that I couldn't sit at the moment, he proceeded to have a meltdown and in the process, I overcooked dinner.  I guess this just proves that I shouldn't bother trying to cook. :)  In related news, W was exceptionally cranky ALL DAY yesterday.  It was rough...

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