Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Thoughts

At work, we call Fridays POETS Day - as in "piss off early, tomorrow's Saturday".  Sadly, I hardly ever "piss off early".  Ha.  But Happy POETS Day nonetheless. :)

Speaking of work, every month, we have the opportunity to participate in a philanthropic (I can not pronounce that word!) event.  This month we made baby blankets for the March of Dimes to pass out to NICUs.  Probably my favorite charitable contribution yet!

I'm still a bit concerned about A.  I know he's not feeling well when he's especially lethargic and has no energy.  Back when he was hospitalized, he didn't even have the energy to take a short walk with us.  Thankfully, he hasn't reached that level of exhaustion, but he's definitely not himself.  Hoping the antibiotics do their thing and he rebounds quickly.

I received another Stitch Fix this week!!  Will share the items in a blog post next week!

One of my pet peeves is when moms say I have "2 under 2" or "3 under 3" or however many under whatever age to imply their situation is especially difficult.  It drives me CRAZY for a few reasons... 1.  Raising a child is tough no matter what age they are and no matter how many you have.  There will always be challenges.  So stop using the number of children and age range to justify how difficult it is for you.  2.  You know how babies are made (I hope).  So if you're complaining about having them, then I don't know, maybe stop having children?!?  I'm definitely NOT saying that you shouldn't be realistic about motherhood.  It is challenging.  There are difficult times.  But stop using the age range and number of children to imply that life is more difficult for you - it was your choice to have those babies...

And since I'm on a roll and this is my blog (sorry... I guess I'm crabby today), having a 4 month old does not make you a parenting expert.  I have a friend who keeps sharing all sorts of parenting suggestions - most recently, an article on early bed times.  Yeah, not so fast, girly.  I thought I had a decent sleeper too.  And then teething started and he didn't sleep for 2 YEARS.  But please, keep doling out advice that works for you in this moment in time...

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