Friday, May 20, 2016

W's Special Day

Yesterday was an amazing day that I hope to remember forever.

Back in October, I attended an auction and won W a ride to school on a fire truck.  I finally scheduled the special ride.  When I talked to the fire department I suggested they arrive at our house around 8:30 in order to get W to preschool by 9.  Well, they ended up arriving early – just after 8.  Unfortunately, I missed their arrival because A and I were dropping of a car at preschool so we’d have a way to get home.  BUT I was there to see W come out of the house in his fire engine shirt and helmet to greet the fire fighters.  He looked a little overwhelmed, but had a big smile on his face.  And the firemen were incredibly kind.  I’m so appreciative of how sweet they were with W – showing him the tools, hoses, ladders, and letting him climb on the truck.  As we left our house, they sounded the sirens and had the lights flashing.  It was SO MUCH FUN.  And I think the firemen enjoyed it too!  When we arrived to preschool, the firemen asked if they could walk W inside.  Melt my heart.  Nothing makes me tear up like seeing others show kindness to my boys.  The firemen told W that the other kids had to call him chief all day and I’m pretty sure W was the coolest kid in school yesterday.

While W was at school, A and I took S for a long walk.  It’s rare for S to get time alone with us and the weather was beyond perfect (finally!).  Apparently S found us boring because he ended up falling asleep mid walk.  Or maybe he was just enjoying the quiet – a very unusual occurrence. J

After picking W up from school, we headed to the Cubs/Brewers game in Milwaukee.  Aside from exceptionally slow service (I was in line for 2!! whole innings just to get lunch) and a Cubs loss, we had fun.  S has croup and I’m guessing W does too (coughing lots) so we headed out during the 7th inning.

 We finished off the day by picking up W’s favorite – Starbucks apple juice. J  It was such a wonderful day and I hope W felt so special.  I LOVE my boys!!

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