Monday, May 16, 2016

Weekend Recap

One word to describe this weekend: BUSY.  In a good way.  But still.  I feel like I need a vacation.

We started off the weekend by heading out for pizza Friday night.  A was feeling up to it and said that W wanted to go out.  Twist my arm…  The waitress rattled off a few types of juice: orange, cranberry, and maybe one more.  But no apple juice.  I told her that W would just have water to which he responded, “I want cranberry juice!”.  Umm ok?  So we let him try it and he liked it?!  Go figure.  It was all good until we got home and I asked A if the leftover pizza was in his car.  We realized that we each thought the other grabbed it.  After calling the restaurant and finding out our pizza was still there, A drove all the way back to get it.  Oops.

Saturday started off with the boys heading out on a ‘top secret mission’ to Starbucks for bagels and juice.  Then it was off to soccer practice.  W did great!!  He participated more than last week and I was so proud of him for making an effort!  S also enjoyed running around the gym and playing with basketballs.  The rest of the afternoon was spent visiting the park, taking a long walk (it was so cold and windy – I was freezing by the time we got home!), playing outside, and grocery shopping.

Sunday was our niece’s First Communion.  They attend a church about 35 minutes away.  It was a bit of a ride and a longer mass than we are used to so S was very restless towards the end.  After W had dropped his cup for the 5th time and S had run away for the 3rd time, I was missing our church… ha.  But all in all, the boys were great and it was fun to see Lucy in her First Communion dress and Pete as an altar boy.  After mass, it was off to W’s preschool carnival.  The boys had a blast playing games, visiting the petting zoo, and riding horses.  We actually had to visit the petting zoo twice because the boys could not get enough – looks like they inherited their mom’s love for animals. J  W has become a lot more independent lately and I was very proud of him for riding the horse by himself and talking to the policeman giving the K9 demonstration.  He can be so shy at times, but he really “came out of his shell” at the carnival.  Seeing the boys have so much fun makes me super excited for all the activities we’re planning this summer!!

As for A, he seems to be feeling better, but definitely not back to normal.  I’m wondering if the IV antibiotics may be necessary to fully get over this bug.  We will see…

And this would only happen to me… Last week, I took a sick day to attend clinic with A.  I hate lying, but a sick day seems legit seeing as we do go to the hospital and we’re often there for a long time.  I don’t think I should have to use a vacation day for that… Anyway.  After the 2 hour drive to get to clinic, another hour and a half at clinic, and heavy traffic on the way home, we decided to stop for a late lunch.  We ate at the Cheesecake Factory, which happens to be in a town that neither of us is from and it’s not near either of our work places.  Also, there are literally hundreds of restaurants around.  So naturally I run into someone there I used to work with.  I mean what are the odds?  I feel like I was caught playing hooky.  And then my coworker says today, “I talked to Matthew and he said he saw you last week.”  Crap.  Only me.

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