Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Thoughts

I recently found out that one of my company’s rare disease drugs is going to be studied in a CF clinical trial.  The trial involves pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy.  I’ve thought about what it would be like to work on a CF drug, but never ever thought it would actually happen.  It’s awesome to have this personal connection to my work.

This weather.  I am SO over it.  The entire week, it’s been sunny, then five minutes later, rain, then sunny, then five minutes later, snow.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.  It’s too cold and wet to go outside and then every time you think, “well, if it has to be cold, then at least it’s sunny”, BAM, it starts blizzarding or monsooning or even worse – some rain/snow/sleet mix thing.  It’s awful and I am not a fan.  Yuck.

We have no plans this weekend.  I mean I have ideas and errands, but nothing on the calendar.  This is epic.  As far as I can tell, we’ve had something every single weekend since February (and possibly beyond that – I just have nothing written down for 2/20, 2/21).  A and I are considering taking the boys bowling because they’re getting a bit stir crazy (see above weather description).

We are so excited that baseball season is back!  A and I have been enjoying Cubs games after the boys are in bed.  It’s been a rough sleep week for the boys (teething, thunderstorms, ear infections) so we’ve been abandoning some of the typical evening chores for the couch, baseball, and a glass of wine.  My house may be a mess, but we’re enjoying having a little downtime and I’m not even feeling guilty.  Cleaning will get done eventually.  So sad to see my favorite player, Kyle Schwarber injured last night.  Get well soon, Bam Bam!

Have you heard about hidden Facebook messages?  A couple friends shared links regarding how to view these “hidden messages”.  I decided to check it out on a whim and sure enough, there was one from my mom’s friend that was sent in September.  Have a look!

A couple of my friends/colleagues are in Ireland this week, which means I’m pretty much the only person in the company who hasn’t had a chance to go.  And probably the one who wants to go the most.  Woe is me.

A few more W mispronunciations because these always make me laugh: spaghetti is piz-getti, hamburger is hang-a-burger, and regular is legular.  He also calls the UPS truck the PQS truck. J

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  1. So sorry about Tigs.

    I'm a cat mama (my one daughter after 3 human sons) and can relate!

    Your TWO boys are adorable, as per usual.

    The weather's getting me down, too.

    After that spate of warmth I fussy going back to chilly.

    How thrilling for you that your company is working on a CF drug.

    So much progress has been made - and so much more has YET to be made!

    Have a great weekend.