Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Thoughts

Happy Friday!!  The week after vacation is always so tough – I’m definitely ready for the weekend!!

Yesterday was going way too well.  W was actually being nice to S.  Like REALLY nice.  He brought S blankets and books.  Brought over his bottle.  When he was finished playing with a toy, W would tell us that it was S’s turn.  My mom and I joked that W must want something or he was setting us up for something.  It was a nice change of pace from the “go away” and “I don’t like him” that we’re accustomed to hearing from W (no matter how many times I emphasize kind words and actions).  W even told me he had to go potty and went on the potty?!?  Then 7pm hit.  W locked the bathroom door so we couldn’t get in (luckily no one was inside), I discovered that somehow S’s humidifier had leaked all over – so much so that the entire length of carpeting along his wall was soaked, and S puked all over his floor.  All of these occurrences happened within a 30 minute span.  Ah – there’s the chaos I know.  And everything was back to normal.

W had school pictures yesterday.  He’s been battling a cold and I think he would have been fine staying at school, but I was being cautious and decided I’d stay with him and bring him home when pictures were over.  It’s no secret that W hates having his photo taken.  I warned his teachers.  So when it was W’s turn, naturally he made an angry face and rolled his eyes at the photographer.  Everyone was laughing hysterically.  W is typically very quiet and shy at school so his teachers didn’t expect his reaction and I don’t think they believed me about his photo hatred.  Somehow, by some miracle, the photographer was able to get a good photo of him.

I think S is getting all of his teeth at once.  Poor guy.  He has 4 top teeth coming through at the moment – including 2 molars.  He still only has 2 teeth on bottom – so strange??  So those can’t be far behind.

I'm over our "spring" weather.  30s and 40s in the forecast for next week.  Blah.

I had planned to write more, but my brain has turned to mush…

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