Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Thoughts

My mom loves to decorate my house.  We have similar taste for the most part so if she wants to decorate, I’m all for it.  A while ago, she told me she wanted to get a picture/painting for our dining room.  I already had a painting of a flower from our townhouse, but she wasn’t a fan.  So she began to search for a print she liked better and recently found two possibilities.  I wasn’t sure which I liked best so A chose one.  When the painting hadn’t arrived by the anticipated date, my mom called the company to inquire.  They told her it had been delivered March 28.  Nope.  Not sure where that painting ended up.  Take 2.  The painting arrived on Monday.  We attempted to open the box and it was immediately clear that the glass frame had shattered.  The painting was also way way bigger than I realized.  Dimensions.  Guess I should have looked at those.  We are now waiting on painting number 3.  And if/when it arrives, I’m not even sure how we’ll hang it… the doomed painting saga continues.

That time I emailed Pottery Barn Kids to cancel an order.  Then told my husband about the cancellation.  And he told me he loved the item I originally ordered.  So I emailed Pottery Barn Kids and asked them to cancel my cancellation all while apologizing profusely for being THAT person who can't make up her freaking mind already.  Yes, that happened.  I'm so sorry you have to put up with people like me, PBK.  Kudos to your customer service reps.

A colleague told me I looked nice the other day.  He actually used the term glowing.  No, not that type of glowing.  I thought hard about what I had done differently because I definitely needed to be able to replicate the glowing look.  I mean who doesn’t want to be described as glowing??  Different makeup?  No.  Different hair?  Nope.  Clothes?  Same things I usually wear.  And then it dawned on me.  Sleep.  S had slept through the night 2 consecutive nights.  I can’t even remember the last time that happened.  Sleep looks good on me!!

I’m feeling like super mom this morning.  That is a rarity so it’s definitely worth celebrating when it happens.  A had to work late last night so it was me and the boys.  We picked up Addie, went for a walk, had dinner, read a few books, I gave both boys a bath, and W told me he wanted to go on the potty AND wear underwear.  Now W has been resisting potty training like a champ.  I know he CAN go on the potty, but he gets a kick out of telling me no.  So this was a major feat.  This morning Nani wasn’t feeling well (get well soon, Nani) and I somehow managed to get ready for work with both boys while my mom made her way to our house.  AND I made it to my 8am meeting!!  I mean I was 3 minutes late, but close enough.  Who plans an 8am meeting on Friday anyway?!?

It just occurred to me that I never talked about our Easter.  It was pretty quiet this year since much of the family was still in Florida.  A very brief recap…  A and I agreed that the boys would not receive their Easter baskets until after church so once we had the boys in their car seats, we snuck back inside and placed the baskets on our coffee table.  Church went well and we headed to brunch with my mom and my uncle who was visiting from Oregon.  After brunch, W and S had lots of fun opening their Easter baskets – each boy received one from the Easter bunny and one from Nani and Papa.  Spoiled!!  We didn’t dye eggs this year or do an egg hunt and I wish we had, but since we had just returned from vacation we tried to keep things very low key.

We did really well with meal planning this week.  A miraculous feat considered we typically suck at meal planning and order food a couple times a week AND this week was especially busy.  Documenting it here in case I need some dinner possibilities in the future.

Sunday – Enchiladas
Monday – Leftovers/fend for yourself
Tuesday – Homemade chicken noodle soup
Wednesday – Turkey breast/mashed potatoes/corn
Thursday – Design your own grilled cheese (Mine consisted of cream cheese, fontina cheese, ham, and pickles… don’t knock it until you try it)
Friday – Pizza Friday!!

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