Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Another friendship post (you've been warned...)

So what do you do when your friends are friends with your enemy?  Confused?  Me too. 

This is going to be a bit cryptic, but I thought I could just ignore the people who said mean things about me.  I knew we had mutual friends, but I thought I could dodge those very rare events we both happened to be invited to.  I thought I would just ignore the fact that mutual friends were still speaking to and making plans with the ex-friends.  And it turns out I can’t.

Most of all, I’m just confused.  Obviously, I can’t tell people who they should or shouldn’t be friends with.  It’s not my decision to make and that would be beyond immature.  And I’ve been in that position – where people have told me not to spend time with a specific person, not to be friends with so-and-so.  And you know what?  It only made me want to be friends with the person I wasn’t supposed to be friends with.  But I digress.  It hurts my feelings that mutual friends are still friends with the “meanies”.  And I’m not sure how to handle it.  It really hurts my feelings that all those mean comments were ignored and everyone just went on with life.  Like it was totally fine for all those mean things to be said.  And it wasn’t.

Maybe I’m being too sensitive?  Maybe I’m being self-centered (again)? 

But I’ve been on the other side.  I’ve witnessed one friend treating another badly.  And you know what?  I stopped talking to the person who treated the one friend badly.  Because I knew it was wrong and undeserved.  I don’t expect people to stop talking to the “meanies”, but I guess I expected SOMETHING.  Acknowledgement? Reaction?

Do I just separate myself from the entire group?  Or maybe I avoid these friends on FB since that’s where I see comments and plans being made?  (Seriously, I think FB often does more harm than good).  Or do I just get over it and move on already?  Uggh.

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