Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Baby S is 7 Months Old

I'm way late on S's 7 month post.  I actually wrote it at 7 months, but never published it here.  Without further ado...

Dear S,
You are 7 months old today, my sweet boy. With daddy returning to school, W starting preschool, and the family trying to squeeze in last minute summer activities, this past month is a blur. We’ve been busy and so have you. Learning and growing at lightning speed.
This month, you started sitting up really well. You were sitting up at 6 months, but wobbly. Now, you’re a pro. The bouncy seats and Mamaroo have officially been retired. You’re a man on the move and have no time for those stationary items. I have to admit, putting away the newborn baby gear makes my mommy heart sad. We’ve also slowly begun to give you actual people food. We started with pancakes. You can pick them up and put them in your mouth, but then you appear a little confused. You seem to be in such a hurry to grow up. You love to stand, walk, and jump (all with help of course). Really, I think you just want to be able to play with big brother.
Speaking of your brother, you’re happiest when you’re near W. He can still be feisty with you, but he can also be really sweet – asking to hold you and yelling, “Baby S, you are the BEST!!”. I have no doubt that you two will share a special bond. I already see it… W does something naughty like launch a ball across the room, or yell, or jump on the bed. You find these actions hysterical and will burst into a fit of laughter. It’s nearly impossible to enforce a time out when you’re cracking up. I see that you’re both already teaming up.
You weigh about 22lbs (the same as your brother weighed at 10 months!). You’re wearing size 6-12 months in clothes, but could probably fit into 12-18 months. You love being outside and you’re definitely a people person. You are also, without a doubt, daddy’s boy. You light up when you see him and love to be held by daddy. No teeth for you yet. You’ve started to love the Jumparoo and Exersaucer as long as you aren’t left in a room alone. Unfortunately you don’t seem to like books. Hoping this changes. We have quite a few nicknames for you: Bam Bam (W is Boo Boo), Little Red (W is Big Red), Little Man S.
Looking forward to the month ahead. You are our everything and more, S.

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