Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Thoughts

I heard a little rumor that the PSL has debuted!!  I think I may stop on my way home from work today and check for myself.  Pumpkin spice Frappuccino seems like a good way to end a challenging week.

Speaking of challenging… preschool.  Ugh.  I never expected it to be so difficult.  Luckily, Thursday was better than Tuesday (I mean it couldn’t possibly have been worse – crying so much you puke has to be rock bottom??).  I continue to second guess our decision to enroll W and wish I would’ve waited until he was 3.  Now that we’ve started, I feel like I owe it to everyone to try a little longer.

Here’s hoping to sleeping through the night this weekend since last weekend was a bust…

Looking forward to the start of football season, though the Bears are supposed to be awful this year.

I started a Christmas list for the boys and even purchased a Christmas gift for them.  WHAT?!?  How’s that for preparation!!  I had a coupon and wanted to use it before it expired.

Yesterday was a rough day.  Both boys had super cranky moments and complete meltdowns.  Then at the end of the day, this:

W: “Mommy?”
Me: “Yes?”
W: “I wuv you.”

He’s said: “W loves mommy” previously, but never like that.  Melt my heart.

I’ll leave you with this…

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