Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Thoughts

S has not been sleeping well lately.  He’s been waking at multiple times during the night and I’m not sure why.  Yesterday, we tried keeping him up a little later thinking that might help.  Nope.  We did have a thunderstorm come through, but still.  Last night looked something like this:

8:30pm – S goes to bed
9 – W goes to bed
12ish – S wakes up (thunderstorm)
12:30ish – W wakes up
2ish – I wake up again
3ish – S wakes again
From 3-4, feed S and try to get him back into crib.  He cries each time he’s placed in crib.  Finally I have success.
5:15 – wake up to alarm
5:45am – W up for the day
6:30am – S up for the day

I have no idea what’s going on.  S has always been a good sleeper until recently.  Teething?  Sleep regression?  No clue.  But A and I are both sooo tired.

I’ve been really down this week.  A few colleagues traveled to Ireland.  Number one on my list of places to visit.  I was not invited and that was disappointing.  But the thing that really gets me – my boss invited the colleague who happens to be her very good friend.  And her sister, who also knows my colleague, joined in on the trip.  That’s confusing.  The point is, it seems a bit shady to travel with friends on a work trip.  I feel like there were other people who were more deserving and should have been included.  Also very shady, colleague’s boss didn’t even know she was attending this work trip.  If your own boss doesn’t know where you are, something is wrong.  So yeah, I’m bitter and annoyed.

Preschool wasn’t a complete disaster yesterday.  I’m seeing (small) glimmers of hope.

Did I mention how tired I am?? :P

Work has been crazy lately.  Please slow down a bit.

It seems like everyone in the world is pregnant all of a sudden.  Every other day, I'm seeing a pregnancy announcement.  Even with two amazing boys, I get a pang of sadness each time I see one - each one a reminder that we can't conceive without help.  But that in no way means I'm not happy for those who are having babies. #itscomplicated

My third stitch fix is set to arrive tomorrow.  Very excited!!  Per usual, I think my mom is coming over to check things out with me.

My favorite outfit this week.  The top is new and already one of my most favorite articles of clothing.  Love the bright colors and pattern.

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  1. Maybe baby S needs to go to bed earlier? Like, way earlier? Maybe he's overtired and needs to go to bed at 6pm :)