Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Farewell September

September is always a challenging month.  Summer hours end at work, we're still adjusting to A being back at school, work seems extra hectic.  The 13th of September is the anniversary of my dad passing away and I'm always a little sad around that time as I reminisce.  This September was no exception.  Throw in W's difficult transition to preschool and my colleagues traveling to Dublin (a trip that I very much wanted to be a part of) and I've just been down lately.

I've said it before and I'll say it again... I'm so so thankful for our jobs and grateful that our moms are able and willing to watch the boys.  I know we are incredibly blessed in so many ways.  But even with great jobs and amazingly helpful moms, that doesn't mean that some days aren't more challenging than others.

September just seems to be a month of transition and change.  Two things I've never handled very well (and neither does W apparently).

But then yesterday happened.

My boss called me into her office.  I assumed she was just going to ask a question about the software system that I oversee.  But instead, she said she had great news.  Turns out I was given a raise.  She felt I was doing more work than my title and job description reflected and she wanted me to be compensated accordingly.  What?!?  I was shocked.  So needless to say, that was awesome news.  And perfect timing since our property taxes just increased... grr.

And today, W had a great day at school!  He only cried for 5 minutes!!  That's huge for him.  He played trains and when I arrived to pick him up, he was playing ring around the rosie with his teacher and other children.  So cute!  And he was enjoying it!!  We've had such a rough go of it.  So many tears; I'm spending way too much time at school and having to play catch up on work when I arrive home.  It's been incredibly stressful.  So much so that I was ready to quit preschool last week.  This is such a relief.  So grateful.

Happy that September is ending on a positive note.  Bring on October!! :D


  1. Congratulations! Wow - that's a big vote of confidence coming so closely on the heels of your maternity leave. Really terrific.

    Is there any way a new title could also be a part of the package? One that more accurately reflects the job you are doing?

    A new title would be a nice addition to your resume, right?

    Glad to hear your little man's settling down at school. Yes - a relief!

    1. Thank you!! My title was modified slightly - I'm not sure it completely represents what I do, but definitely a step in the right direction. :)