Friday, September 11, 2015

Never Forget 9/11

9/11 is such a somber day.  I always tear up at some point in the day – remembering the series of horrific events that unfolded, remembering so many lives that were lost, remembering the footage of people running from the Twin Towers…  I was in my dorm room getting ready for the day when breaking news interrupted the Today Show.  I was shocked.  Horrified.  Should I still attend class?  Students were in a state of confusion, disbelief, numb.  I dread explaining the significance of the day to my boys.  But I will be sure to note how people came together after such tragedy.  How we all wept.  How we hugged our families and friends tighter.  How countless Americans donated blood, donated money to help the victims.  At college, we passed around giant water jugs and filled them with monetary donations.  We packed the football stadium to watch people form a giant American flag.  We came together.  United we stood.  I think it’s important to remember that comraderie today as the news seems to be filled with nothing but hatred – for police officers, for African Americans, for Caucasians, for all other races, for homosexuals, for those of other religious backgrounds, for anyone with an opposing opinion.  United we must stand.  Never forget.

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