Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Thoughts

For the past week, our temperatures have been amazing!!  We’ve been spending as much time outdoors as possible and although I’m dreading the return to winter, it was so wonderful to have a taste of spring!

Poor S still hasn’t recovered from his most recent ear infection and we started round two of antibiotics.  I’m feeling like a bit of a failure since I don’t know how much of the previous antibiotic was actually consumed.  S wouldn’t take it directly so we had to mix it with a bit of yogurt or puree.  He would inevitably drop said yogurt or puree or he’d spit up.  He seems to be acting normally so at least that’s good news.

I did a major closet purge because I have so many clothes that either I don’t wear or don’t fit me (boo hoo).  Anyway, it felt so great to get rid of things and I’m hoping to make a little money off of some items.  Yay for consignment!

Stitch Fix number 14 arrived yesterday.  To be completely honest, I was really disappointed when I peeked at the contents of the latest Stitch Fix box.  Usually, I receive at least one of the items I had pinned on my Pinterest board, but not this time.  I suppose after 14 Fixes, there was bound to be a miss.  And who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind about items once I try them on.  Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised.  I’ll definitely share soon.

A’s birthday is Monday and we plan to celebrate with lunch at A’s favorite pizza place this weekend.  Looking forward to celebrating my better half. :)

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