Monday, February 27, 2017

Weekend Recap

We had a really great weekend and I’m so thankful for family and A’s health.  Saturday, W started a new swim class.  I was really nervous for him.  Up to this point, he had always attended class with A or me – as in we were in the water with him.  The next step up was class by himself.  I had heard some scary stories about the park district program that he was previously in i.e. children going under water and the instructor/life guards not noticing right away.  The children were fine, but just hearing that was enough for me to look elsewhere.  I might be a little paranoid.  I contacted a friend and she spoke very highly of a program that her daughter was in.  She explained the safety precautions and I was reassured knowing that A would be sitting on the side observing W.  W is very reserved and I wasn’t sure how he’d react to a new class at a different pool.  It turned out that the class had only three children and the other two weren’t there.  W essentially had a private lesson and it couldn’t have gone better.  A and I both thought he would listen better and participate more if we weren’t in the water with him and that seemed to be the case (not that he wasn’t participating previously, it’s just a lot easier to say no and be silly around your parents).  I’m so proud of W.  When he arrived home, he told me, “I really like my new swim class!”.  Yay!!

While W was at class, S and I went to his preschool class.  S absolutely loves it and prior to leaving our house kept saying “School, bye bye!  School, bye bye!”.  He played at the sand table, painted, played in the sensory bin, built ramps for cars, and had three helpings of the snack.  He was so sad when it was time to leave.

That afternoon, we headed out to A’s favorite pizza restaurant.  The boys were great for the most part, except for S consuming too much cake and suffering the consequences and W having to go to the bathroom about 8 times (I’m happy he’s potty trained, but he has to check out the bathroom everywhere we go!).  A’s parents and my mom joined us for pizza.  All in all it was a great day and I hope A enjoyed an early birthday celebration.  We finished the night by catching up on This is Us.  Not enough tissues in the world.  I love that show.

Sunday was our usual.  We went for a short walk and played outside for a bit, though it was cold and windy.  A put up our new mailbox and W helped me make macaroni and cheese for dinner.  We saw just a little bit of the Oscars – I only watch for the dresses anyway. ;)

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