Tuesday, February 7, 2017

S at 2

S is still the sweetest, cuddliest little boy.  As soon as I scoop him up, he lays his head on my shoulder and cuddles.  I just love it.  He smiles easily and is happy the majority of the time.  He adores his older brother and if W is interested in something, so is S.  S also really loves Addie and often calls for her, plays with her, and pets her.  S hates being alone, even if it’s just in a separate room than everyone else.  He is saying lots of words and adds a new word seemingly every day.  If I had to guess, I’d estimate that he says around 90-100 words (I’m going to assume he says a lot more than his brother did at the same age – a relief since we were worried about W’s speech).  He has also started combining words.  So far it mostly consists of asking me for something – “mom, juice!”, “mom, up!”, etc.  We recently realized that he can identify almost all letters of the alphabet.  I was typing on my computer and he pointed to a key and said M.  I pointed to other letters and he got nearly every one correct!  I was shocked.  He counts to 10 and says most numbers to 20 correctly.  On the flipside, he does not identify numbers (most numbers are two) or colors yet (everything is green).  He loves songs and seems to learn them quickly.  He’s really into books lately and his current obsession is Pete the Cat – just like W when he was younger.  He also enjoys coloring and playing with toy cars.  He absolutely loves being outdoors no matter how cold.  Recently, I opened the door to grab a package and he stepped outside barefoot.  It was 30 degrees.  He threw such a fit when I brought him in.  He loves to eat and is really great about trying new foods.  I LOVE this about him.  He has a serious sweet tooth and often asks for a cookie.  He loves the Charlie Brown movies (shows?) and will ask to watch “Brown” every day.  He even recites words/sounds right along with the show. He doesn’t like being in the car for long and will start crying once he reaches his limit.  He’s probably the most social of any of us and will play along with other toddlers and flirt with adults.  He’s figured out that when you say ‘potty’ at church, it means you get to leave and so he has everyone at church thinking he’s potty trained when in fact he’s not even close – he just uses it as an excuse to visit the lobby/bathrooms.  Side note: Last weekend at church, W loudly started talking about his weenie and S pointed to a picture of Joseph and yelled “Ho, ho, ho!”.  We need to work on church etiquette.

From the moment he was born, S has been the sweetest, happiest guy.  He’s a perfect fit for our family and we’re so grateful for him.

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