Wednesday, February 15, 2017

V Day and CF Clinic

Wanted to pop in really quick and wish everyone a belated Happy Valentine's Day.  I used to think Valentine's Day was a stupid Hallmark holiday.  It may be that, but now I welcome a day to celebrate love and enjoy picking out little goodies for the men (big and little) in my life. :)

A had CF clinic yesterday.  How romantic, right?  I went with him to the appointment and enjoyed having a day off.  The appointment went GREAT!  A weighs the most he ever has (unfortunately, pretty sure I do too) and his lung function is up!!  It was such a relief.  I asked A what he attributed the good numbers to and he wasn't quite sure.  He's been eating well - we usually make it a point to have a big dinner.  He hasn't had any major colds (knock on wood, jinx).  I really think Cayston has helped here.  And he's been getting some exercise with the dog and kiddos.  I'm so proud of him and hope he can continue on this path!

We enjoyed lunch together and picked out a gourmet caramel apple afterwards.  A gave me a gift certificate for a mani/pedi at my favorite salon and I can't wait to use that.  If I haven't mentioned this before, he is a really excellent gift giver.  I'm always so impressed.  The little boys received a couple new books, the Charlie Brown Valentines movie, and an owl game.  We finished the day off by having dinner with my mom.  The boys enjoyed steak and pink punch.  Such a fun day! <3


  1. Wonderful news about your husband - nothing beats a good clinic visit.

    For many years now, our family's Valentine ritual is sharing the big box of Godiva chocolates my husband buys for me.

    I'm not really a big sweets person, and I enjoy sharing the calories with my guys.

    We are so busy now with work, hs, college, college search & more that we haven't had a dinner together to open the box!

    It'll keep <3

    1. I love the Valentine's ritual! Reminds me of when I was a kid and my mom would receive chocolates from her students. We had so much fine guessing flavors and trying all the different types of chocolates!