Monday, February 13, 2017


My morning…

Argue with W about eating breakfast.  Call into 8am meeting that I will hardly be able to listen in on or contribute to since I still need to get W dressed and off to school.  Who schedules an 8am meeting on a Monday anyway?!?  Make a deal with W - he’ll get dressed IF he can get dressed downstairs while continuing to watch TV.  Search all over for his gray shoes and eventually realize they are in his backpack in my car because he wore boots home on Friday.  Get W's coat and hat on, gather everything else, including graham crackers donation.  Once outside, realize we don’t have W’s shape homework.  Run inside and look all over counters, table, etc.  Nowhere to be found.  Run back outside and tell W I can’t find it, ask if he’s seen it.  I had it on top of my purse originally, but now of course, it’s not there.  W is disappointed so I tell him I’ll look one more time after getting him buckled in his car seat.  Run back inside, continue to look.  Remember he showed it to A while playing Candy Land.  Look under coffee table, then couch.  Find it under couch and run back outside.  Get in car and realize I don’t have key.  Run back inside.  All the while, my work meeting is still going.  Unmute and attempt to contribute to work meeting, but too many people are talking to interject.  Get to school.  Hand over graham crackers.  Realize that W doesn’t have an extra pair of pants in his backpack anymore because he wore the extra pair home over his pjs (it was pajama day) on Friday.  Please don’t let today be the day he has an accident.  Hurry, hurry… maybe I can still listen to work meeting.  On my way out, the Director asks to speak with me about next year’s school schedule.  Get back in car to hear everyone hang up and meeting end.  Realize I forgot my hairbrush/makeup bag because it’s in the diaper bag.  Guess I’ll just have messy hair today.

Feel a little sorry for myself.  Think it’s no surprise that coworker got promoted over me… I can’t compete.  My kids will always be a priority and I’ll always be a bit of a mess.  Curse Mondays. 

Get to work and find Sweettarts in my pocket that W insisted I take.  Remind myself that I may be a hot mess sometimes, BUT my kids love me regardless.   And at least my job is flexible.  Even though I couldn’t give my full attention to this particular meeting, I’ll make up for it.  I’ll still get my work done and give it my all.  I’m lucky to be able to take my boy to school and work from home a couple days each week.  And at least we DID the homework, even if we temporarily lost it.  And at least we made it to school on time (by some miracle).  And at least there's an extra pair of underpants in W's backpack so even if he has to borrow pants, he'll have his own undies!  And at least I remembered W’s beloved Mommy Owl and those damn graham crackers…


  1. I've had days like that. Just remember this stage won't last forever. There will be new issues to deal with instead, but your kids will always have you. : )