Monday, February 6, 2017

Weekend Recap - S's Birthday

My littlest love turned two yesterday.  Seems like we were just bringing him home from the hospital.  Where does the time go??

Saturday morning was relaxed and wonderful.  The sun was shining, W announced that he was going to be nice to S today, we all had breakfast together.  It was a great start to the day.  S woke up with a cold on Friday so I decided to keep him home from school.  W went to swim class with A while S and I played at home.  I really wanted S to take a nap and a car ride usually does the trick.  One trip to Starbucks and I had an iced caramel macchiato and a sleeping boy.

Around 3, everyone came over for S’s party.  We had planned on taking Addie to doggy day car, but they were installing new flooring and had to close for the weekend.  Things were a little crazy with Addie and 10 kids running around the house, but I think everyone had a good time.  The party was train themed and there was lots of pizza and appetizers for everyone.  S actually got into opening presents and he was so so cute while we were singing happy birthday.  He smiled at everyone and soaked up being the center of attention.  I’ll do a post on S soon, but he is seriously the sweetest little boy I’ve ever encountered (totally biased).  All in all, it was a great day and when it was over, we were all exhausted.  A started cleaning up and I could not even muster the energy to get off the couch.

Sunday was our usual routine.  We had tons of food left over from the party and I feel like I’ve been eating constantly for 2 days straight.  The boys had fun playing with their new toys.  I saw the half time show (Lady Gaga was amazing!) and the end of the Superbowl (boo), but missed most of the commercials.

The upcoming week is going to be another busy one… I’m in serious need of some downtime. :\

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